During the last week I:
- Worked, arriving late one day and early another
- Went to the mall and bookstore with my sister and her boyfriend
- Got annoyed with people that walked randomly into my house like its their own.
- Got a visit from Kimmi, and filmed a vlog with her
- Hung out with my best friend John, and saw my best friend Dani
- Uploaded several pictures to Dailybooth
- Played Disney Scene It, and won : D
- Dog sat my future live-in dogs at my future house
- Saw my best friend Amanda (I have more than one best friend...)
- Finally saw my cousins and aunt after weeks of not hearing from any of them
- Watched my sister play Spyro, and she beat it in two days
- Chatted with my friend Alex
- Become hooked on MyZoo, which is a facebook application that allows you to build a zoo. I'm at level ten, and have every animal that I can have so far.
- Tried to catch up at textsfromlastnight, but haven't succeeded yet.
- Become an internet monger
- Had a few off days to do whatever I feel like doing
- Gotten payed
- Finally got my JohnnyDurham19 t-shirt, and have to mail it back for a smaller shirt
- Played Sims 2
- And watched Elizabethtown

I know, I need to update more frequently.
Oh well.

Random things I found out today:
- Facebook has a pregnancy test application that starts out asking you what your gender is, then asks if you're nautious, have food cravings, etc. Oh the world we live in...
- Johnny sent out a pin with each t-shirt, and I found mine on the floor. It says Rawr : D
- Water and keyboards don't mix
- After a full day at home, I'm incredibly restless.

Thats it for today.
I hope to see you soon.


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