Wasting the Day.

So I'm pretty much just chillin' right here until work...
Which is at five.
Its 1:18 p.m. right now.

I've debated with myself quite a bit on this subject.
On one hand, I am feeling very, very lazy at the moment and haven't done a whole lot toward "getting ready for the day."
And since I have the next two days off, I can afford to be as lazy as I want to before work.
On the other hand, I should probably go up to school and talk about Financial Aid with them, because I'm moving out of momma's house soon and I know school will be very hard to pay for unless I get some kind of help.
And I should probably declare my major (Double majoring perhaps in English and Education, and minoring in Creative Writing).
And being lazy before work makes me really antisocial, so much so that it affects my work day.

Honestly, I have nothing to do as of late besides get my school stuff in order.
So can't that wait another day?
I hope so.
Because from where I'm sitting, nothing productive is happening.

If I go up there, all I'll be worrying about is getting out of there on time to rush home and get ready for work.
Then rush to work, where I will resent having been rushed an be in some sort of odd and foul mood.

... So it looks like the lazy aspect of the day wins.
I do have tomorrow off, so I will probably end up doing everything I need to do then.

But what should I do with my day until 3:30 or 4?
I could play Sims 2.
I could pack.
I could, but I'll probably end up vegging out in front of the television...
Which is fine, I suppose...
Its summer. People are expected to be lazy, right?
Meh. I still feel bad for taking a lazy day.

I don't know if this blog makes any sense whatsoever.
... Time to go back and edit.

Hope to see you soon!


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