Whats this? A random blog?

Today, my emotions have been on a rollarcoaster.
I don't remember the last time its been like this...

Bad Things:
Today I woke up around noon and Rachel informed me that dad was, yet again, drunk.
He was awake until around 1 this afternoon.
We had an arguement because he wanted to fix the part of the refridgerator door that was broken, or help me fix it.
I said no, that he should go to bed.
After going back and forth for a minute, me getting fed up and coming in here, and going back and forth some more, I yelled.
"Look! You're making me angry! I think its time for you to go to bed!"
So he yelled back, and FINALLY went to bed.
I was able to fix that piece in two minutes.
Other things have been said about dad's behavior earlier today, and frankly, this is it.
I'm finished being nice to him.

Good Things:
I got ready a little bit after that.
Rachel and I went up to work, and I actually had a reason for it... but we ended up just chatting with my manager and coworkers for a little bit... haha
Then we came home so I could check my bank account...
Put gas in my car...
Went to the video store, and exchanged "He's Just Not That Into You" for "Changeling," which is an AMAZINGLY good movie. Like no lie.
It just seems rather long.
After that, we got food at McDonalds (yuck.. but we were hungry).
Theeen we drove out to Dani's Shoppe.
We had a lovely visit with her, even though the poor dear was tired because she didn't get very much sleep due to the storms.
Rachel and I came home around six, and entered into the house to lights blazing and Danielle making an oatmeal cake.
Which turned out quite well.
I farmed alot on farmtown (facebook)...
And we watched "Underworld: Rise Of the Lycans," which was kind of bloody due to the battle scenes, but really good.

Bad Things:
Mom, Rachel and I got into a small fight, but we're okay.
We discussed dad and have decided that he needs to leave.
And we're supposed to have a meeting about it tomorrow.
I'm not looking forward to it. At all.
I hate attempting to be the bad guy.
And I don't want to kick him out.
I really, truly don't.
If he could just not drink and in tern not make an ass of himself, then we would all be fine.
Its not a situation I like being in.
We've been in this situation before, and not said anything.I think its time for that to end.
And Kyle can't fix the second computer.
So I probably can't take mine with me when I go.
Unless we can come up with money to buy a new one.
Which won't happen unless mom can go to work every night instead of sleeping.
And I'm flat broke.
Until next week.
I don't even think I have enough for phone minutes if those go.
And Kyle is leaving on Saturday. For a longish amount of time.
And that sucks.
And if we kick dad out, he may not feel inclined to help me move.Which sucks, because who else is going to help me?

Good things:
John is coming over tomorrow night (I really hope).
I'm still moving soon.
I've seen a ton of good movies in the past couple of days.
I have tomorrow off.
Its been an all around good week.

Even after the good things, I feel like crying.
Whyy must today be so... emotional?


(I hit you with a ton of stuff in this entry...)
Dad: He's an alcoholic. My parents are divorced due to this very reason. They have been divorced for ten years, and dad has been living here for three. See why he needs to leave?
Kyle, John, Danielle, Dani: Our friends. Kyle, John and Dani are mine. Danielle is Rachel's, but we've all pretty much taken her in and loved on her a bit.
Kyle is leaving on an internship, and he was working on a computer for me, but it needs a new motherboard that he doesn't have time to install.
Dani's parents own a Resale Shoppe.. She works in it.
And this is how I blog on myspace, with a bunch of odd half sentences and thoughts.
I'm usually more ... together.
But. Obviously today is a hard day.
And I'm not up to fixing it.

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