And the day stops.

It's been a longish day full of interesting happenings and learning new things.

Work - My manager scheduled me for 9 this morning to be part of the truck crew, so I woke up at 7:30 and did whatever I could to wake up and be ready for the day ahead. I somehow managed to hit the bottom of my right foot on the board sticking up from under the toilet, and I now have a blood blister under my pinky toe. I know... how awesome, right? I still wasn't fully awake when I arrived at work, or when I started working; I'm not a morning person, and I honestly don't think I ever will be. At 9 a.m. the truck filled with Halloween decorations arrived, and the ten employees that were there started making signs, unloading the truck and sorting things. Since I haven't done any of this work since I first started working for Micheals, I was dumbfounded and confused. I forgot how to read the boxes and figure out which section they go in, so I had a hard time at first. Miriam yelled at me to get my act together, and I eventually did after I became a bit more coherant and learned. They sent me with a U-boat to drop and I didn't unload it; Tammy came in and said "Kimbra, you're supposed to unload the U-boat," and she started laughing. Of course I had to admit it was a bit funny; it should have been obvious to me that I needed to unload it and get it back to the receiving area so that we could load it up again. At some point Carlton said that I probably wouldn't ever want to be on truck again. I said "I don't care whether or not I'm on truck again; it's whatev. I don't mind it." Once I learned again what I needed to pay attention to, I became a better asset to the crew. After the truck was unloaded we took a fifteen minute break, and assigned people to drive aisles and the half aisle. Miriam, Tammy and I were assigned to one of the drive aisles, and we got to fiddle with that for quite awhile. Eventually we got to take a lunch, then set back to work on the drive aisle. I left at three and came home to make a move toward the rest of my day.

Home - On the way home I called mom and talked to her about a few things, and once I arrived home I came upstairs, got back into my PJs and passed out in my bed for two hours. I heard Kimmi come in around 5 so I got out of bed and talked to her for awhile. Micheal arrived thirty minutes later, and about an hour after that they left. I sat at my computer and tried to apply a background my Youtube friend made for me, and it didn't work; I eventually just gave her my password and had her do it. I really, really like what she made me - take a look at my page and see : D I called mom back around 7, then put my laundry in the washer and ate.

Mom's - I got to her house around eight and talked to her for awhile; she's really not happy about the recent occurences in regards to Micheal, and threatened to have a word or two with him. I also ended up talking to my dad for a little bit, which was nice because I hadn't seen him in awhile; he's not happy about the Micheal thing either. Then I hung around mom's room for a bit. I eventually ended up going into my bedroom with Rachel to retrieve a nightdress that Danielle has been wearing, and ended up bagging up the dirty clothes. Upon further inspection I found contraband in my shoe holder and ended up bagging up the rest of their clothes; I didn't intend for it to go that far. I dragged whatever from my room to the living room and piled it up; mom said that I could lock my bedroom door, but later changed her mind and told me to unlock it for them. I apologized to Ryan and Danielle (I've been doing that alot lately... maybe I should stop being so mean : /). Theeen I hung around there for a little while longer before coming home to an empty house.

Home Again - I ended up putting my clothes in the dryer and showering. I polished off my chocolate mini muffins as a substitute for dinner and am sipping on a bottle of water. And... well, that's it, I guess. I suppose that brings you up to speed.

Misc. - I found out today that I'm on register all week to "stir things up a bit." Apparently our register scores are low, so they're hoping that I'll help a bit. So yay?... I honestly have no idea what my schedule is for this coming week, but I'll write it down tomorrow! Today, minus a few things, has been quite fun and enjoyable.

Hopefully tomorrow is even better : )


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