An awesome beginning to a new week.

Work - I opened this morning, and it was definitely a long day. I was without an FES for two hours, so I had to rely on the MOD to drop everything and come to my aid when needed.
Time seems to creep by much more slowly on the register; I caught myself wandering around looking for something out of place in hopes that it needed to be placed back in it's original spot.
Despite the boredom, my work day went well.
I had a good break filled with mac n' cheese, pop rocks, fun people, and the wrong pronunciation of "epitome;" apparently I moved from "nerd" to "geek" status, which was said to be a good thing.
I got off at three.

In between - I called my mom to chat with her for a few minutes, but I couldn't get ahold of her; she didn't have the cell phone with her.
I dropped in and discovered that neither Rachel nor my mom were at home, and I immediately texted my aunt to ask her where they were.
I went to get gas, and upon recieving my change my mom calls from my aunt's phone and says, "How did you know where I was!?"
"It's easy," I replied. "I figure that when I can't get ahold of you you're with Mary."
After getting caught up I hung up and drove home.
After asking Kimmi what she thought I should wear (I didn't want to just wear the jeans + t-shirt combo; it's getting a bit old), and checking my interwebs connections, I drove out to John's.

John's - John was in the shower when I arrived, so I ended up bothering his cat for a little bit.
I gave him time to get ready before I actually started talking to him.
We left shortly after that to eat at Chilli's, because we were hungry (obviously... why else would we go to Chilli's?).
On the way there I saw the Barnes and Noble, and I started getting all excited; I saw it recently enough on an adventure with mom, and I reeeally wanted to go inside.
"Can we go to Barnes and Noble!? Can We!?"
Of course we waited 'til after food, because frankly I was rather hungry.
Dinner was nice; we joked around, ate some really good food and our waitress was one of the fun ones.
Mike called at one point and talked to me about moving in here for a couple of weeks, but I informed him that he would have to talk to Kimmi, who would have to talk to her parents about it.
Afterward we drove to the book store and stayed for a little while.
We walked around together for a little bit looking at the front area, then went our seperate directions when it came to what books we wanted to look at.
I found some books that I picked up, read the back, and set back down because I knew I didn't have money to purchase them.
Sarah Dessen released a new book recently, and I wanted to buy that one so badly.
Also, I found this other book called "Thirteen Days" I think, and it's starting to freak me out that every single time I go into Barnes and Noble I'm drawn to this book. I pick it up, read the inside cover, and go "Oh, I really want this book," and set it down.
One of these days I'll buy it... hah.
I didn't even really bother looking for "Looking For Alaska" by John Green; I would have purchased that right then and there.
We left Barnes and Noble eventually and drove back to John's to look up Go-Kart stuff and ended up watching "Family Guy" on Hulu.
We didn't end up doing that, but it's definitely a must-do.
We did, however, end up getting back into the car and driving down University.
I REALLY wish that I had my camera; I saw some things and wanted to make good pictures out of them....
Maybe next time?
We eventually located a Red Box and rented "The Wrestler."
Upon arriving back to John's we popped the movie in.
I liked the story line, and I liked how they put the movie together.
It felt longer than it was, and it had lots of strip bar scenes, which didn't bother me too much because they tied that into the story rather well.
After the movie we watched TV, and John ended up cleaning his house.
I left around 12:30 because 1) John has to work early tomorrow morning, and 2) I was getting sleepy and I still had to drive home.

Home - I ate the honey butter chicken biscuit that Micheal was nice enough to suggest getting for me, and pick it up for me.
Honestly, that's about as far as I've gotten.
I need to take some medicine to make my head stop feeling like it's going to explode, and get into my PJs and eventually pass out in my bed.
It's been a long day.

But it was so totally worth it : )


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