Rest In Peace.

A good friend of mine passed away on Thursday.
I was in band with him for two years, and we were very close for that duration.
He disappeared off of the face of the earth and lived his own life for awhile.
I saw him recently enough at my old job; he came in to turn in his application.
I should have gotten his number, and attempted to get back in touch; I was just so busy that the idea escaped me.
I didn't know that after that day I would never see him again.

I miss him, even though his place in my life disappeared long ago.
I miss hanging out with him and watching him put CDs into his microwave to watch them fry; he gave me one that was spray painted silver and blue, and it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen.
I miss his fascination with a particular plant, and shaking my head with a disapproving nature when I found out that he was growing it.
I miss him making fun of me for not liking the "Happy Tree Friends," and for being grossed out by the cartoon gore.
I miss watching he and a few other friends play video games, and watching them get pumped and excited when they won.
I miss hanging out at his house and having an all around good time.
I miss the stupid little crushes that I used to have on him.
I miss his jokes, and his overall sense of humor.
I miss his silly laugh.
I miss his red hair that earned him the nickname "Nemo" after the loveable clown fish.
I miss him.

His Memorial Service is tomorrow at 10 a.m.
Unfortunately I work at 11, so I don't know how I'm going to be able to go.
I'm trying to get off of work for his service...
I feel as if I need to attend.

It's odd how people are desensitised to almost everything, but death always takes us by surprise.
Even more so when it hits as close to home as it has.

Rest in Peace, Cory "Nemo" Young.
We'll miss you.


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