8/5 - Ask me how my day went.

Seriously, ask me.
No one, besides my loving mother, bothers anymore.
Is it that no one genuinely cares about my day?
Or that they're aware that I'll blog about it later on?
If it's the first one, how sad.
If it's the second, my blog isn't supposed to be a substitute for conversation.
I still like face-to-face, friendly conversation as much as the next person.
So try asking me how my day went, how I'm feeling, or how I view certain situations that take place, instead of waiting until later that day, or later on that week, to find out.

My day today was a good one.
I woke up around 12:30, crawled out of bed, and started getting ready to go over to Kait's.I didn't head over there until around 1:40.
When I got there everyone seemed settled in, and "Full Metal Jacket" was playing on the TV with bold white subtitles underneath.
I sat down to talk with Kait, Raechel, and their friend David, and kept getting distracted by the subtitles.
Eventually Kait got distracted by them...
They didn't match the words that the characters spoke word for word; it was as if the person behind the keys got bored and just wanted to get the main words in.
Eventually we got bored with that, and since I spotted Disney Scene It we decided to play that.
Andrew Y. showed up right before that, so we had six people playing (Dylan, Kait, David, Raechel, Andrew, and I).
It was a good game, and I totally almost won; I got the question wrong because I haven't seen "Around the World in 80 Days" a million times.
Kait was the eventual winner, and got an easier question.

Shortly after that I left to get my swimsuit, and a change of clothes for later, from the house.
When I arrived at Kait's for the second time everyone was in the pool, so I went ahead and got in right away.
Brandon showed up a few minutes later, and Sammi got there about thirty minutes later.
We all had a good time, and joked around quite a bit.
I got out before anyone else; I had familial visitation to get to eventually, and I wanted to get ready a bit beforehand.
Not long after I was finished getting ready, everyone else got out of the pool.
We visited for a bit longer downstairs, and I left (taking Raechel with me to take her home) in an attempt to beat the bad weather that looked as if it were heading our way.
I got lost in Raechel/Brandon's neighborhood, but was able to find my way out while on the phone with Brandon.

I arrived at mom's house shortly after and chilled with her for awhile.
Dad made steaks, so we got to pig out on steak, potatos, and corn.
Dylan was there, so I got to see him.
My aunt came over at one point to talk to mom.And, eventually, mom and I settled in her room to watch some TV, and I got to snuggle with my Kitty-Kitty for awhile.

I left her house at ten and came home.
I showered, and I'm definitely going to make a better attempt at getting my laundry inside.
It hasn't been a very productive day, or night, but at least it's better; no tears have been shed yet : )

I registered for classes!
I scheduled them all for during the day, and it looks to be an easy-ish semester.
That leaves my nights to be filled with work, and I am definitely asking for Saturdays off; my weeks will be so freakin' busy.

Mmkay...I'll update later next week.


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