Today I woke up around noon and recieved a phone call from Amanda about thirty minutes later.
She had just woken up and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out for a little bit.
Since I hadn't seen her in a week or so I said "Yes. Lets hang out."
She arrived around one thirty or two, and we chilled and talked for a little bit.
We ended up going to Sonic for lunch, and she paid for mine; Thanks Amanda!!
Upon arriving back here we came upstairs to eat and hang out some more.
I showed her Taylor Swift's music video for "Thug Story," in which Taylor raps, and she got a kick out of that.
We both left the house around 3:40 because I had to work at four.

Work went alright.
Upon entering the store I discovered new Halloween decorations, and there's a freaky statue guy that makes noises; I refused to walk by him even once.
They put me to work doing freight (the left-overs from the truck yesterday), and it ended up being some of the more creepy Halloween decorations.
I'm going to say this now, and I'm sure I'll say it as the actual holiday grows closer: I dislike Halloween. Love the candy aspect, but I hate the getting scared aspect, and the gory movies and more scary decorations that come along with it.
I did that for a little bit.
At one point I pulled out these rose bushes, and they were covered in glitter.
So what happened?
My arms, face, shirt, apron and pants got covered in glitter; I looked almost like Edward Cullen, except for the sparkly effect was correct : )
After cleaning up the mess I made, and cleaning some water off of the floor, I was set to the task of redoing an entire section.
Adam was nice enough to get a ladder and climb on it and actually do the task pretty much for me.
Don't get me wrong, I did help; he handed me things and I set them down, and I moved a couple of hooks a couple of times, but Adam did most of the work, so thank you very much Adam; you're awesome : D
I got called up the register a couple of times during this entire process, and I eventually said "Is Cliff not the backup on register?"
They started calling Cliff afterward : )
I rang up our old district manager and joked around with him a bit; he knew my name since I introduced myself during one of his past visits.
After finishing my project I mopped up some random dirty spots on the floor, then took my break.
I busted out my headphones for thirty minutes, and was bummed when I had to go back to work because I FINALLY got to Linkin Park in my MP3 player, and I love them.
I did go-backs, recovery, and eventually ended up doing more go-backs.
We clocked out around ten, and I returned home.
I called mom on the way home and got the scoop on her day, and chatted with her for a bit.

Kimmi and I went up to the store for ice cream shortly after I returned home.
We had a good couple of hours of hanging out and talking; she left about an hour ago to see her brother, and I'm chilling here.
I showered and might end up doing my hair eventually.

I work during the day tomorrow, and then I get to go out and see John.


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