Busy, busy, busy.

Life got really hectic for a few days, and it's all I can do to squeeze in a few hours of sleep.
I shoved myself through days, going to class, working, and writing my novel.
I squeezed a test in early and I missed my Yoga flow as a result.
I rode with my family to my grandma's on Tuesday, after attending class, working, and hastily packing. I slept some on the way there, but didn't sleep nearly enough. I wrote a few thousand words that day, and watched a Thanksgiving and a Christmas movie with my sister.
The next day, my sister and I decorated my grandma's sun porch with Christmas stuff and I wrote another few thousand words.
Thanksgiving day, I woke up at 9:30 to my uncle waking me up by putting his dog in the bed with me, though she just snuggled up to me. I woke up and caught thirty minutes of the parade before going back to bed. I woke up again, got ready for the day, and made it out too late to see the "hot guy" that was sitting in the living room. I hung out with my cousins all day, made my mom cry, cried myself, watched football, played Frisby, fell asleep on the couch after writing a thousand or so words, and woke up to watch more TV with the family and laugh at my mom's snoring. We drove home last night, and I sat with my sister while mom went to the gas station. After moving to my room and putting Snow White in, I wrote more, and eventually broke 50,000 words. I'm not finished with my novel yet, but I'm still very excited.
I need to go now so that I can do some Spanish and get back to writing.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Word Count: 50, 711


Oh, November.

So I have been struck by how fast November actually flew by.
I updated my Myspace blog after letting it sit there for ten days.
It seems that I did the same exact thing to this poor little blog.

Okay, so obviously I've been incredibly busy.
I don't know how I've found the time for the internet, buuuut whatever.

... I honestly don't have a whole lot to say.
Work is going well, but we're getting crazier and I don't handle that well after sitting by myself for half of the day. We'll see how I handle today, though.
I bought "New Moon" tickets! My best friend Dani and I are seeing it on Monday.
Speaking of Dani, she and my friend John helped me put my Christmas lights up...
I know, I know! It's early, but we caught the Christmas Bug!
I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving, and leaving on Tuesday. It's taken a lot of work to get everything rearranged in order to get out of town. I have classes on Wednesday, but we won't be here, so I'm taking a test on Monday instead of Wednesday. I also had to talk to my manager at work about my schedule on Tuesday and get that fixed.
All I need to do is get through the next two days, and I'll have two days to do whatever.
I can't wait to see my grandma, and decoarate her house on Wednesday, and stuff my face on Thursday.

I think that's all for right now...
I'm going to go eat and watch "Big Daddy," and maybe study for my History test tomorrow.

Word Count: 35, 204

I hope all of ya'll's novels are coming along nicely!
Good luck on hitting the 50K!


It's been forever.

Time has a rediculously annoying habbit of flying by.
I don't know where the past few days went, or why they had to go by so quickly.
I've had a hard time keeping up...
I had two History quizzes last week, a World Lit test that I studied for and took, worked every night except for Monday and Thursday, and random Spanish stuff that I needed to do.
I didn't write at all on Wednesday or Thursday, which made me sad; I left the LeCrane family hanging for two days!
I did write like a maniac yesterday, though; I wrote a little before work, and a little after my friend Cliff left that night.
Haven't written any today, but in my defense I haven't had the time.
Might soon, though.
I suppose that's it.

Word Count: 20,059



The past couple of days, the first friend that I sent my novel to has immersed himself within it's pages long enough to finish the first thirteen or fourteen pages of my ever-growing novel.
"I like it," he says. "I'm excited to read it."
This is part of what keeps me writing.
That, and I've found a place within my rough spot to continue writing off of.

I didn't write any more the other night; I was done, and contemplated deleting the thousand or so words that I wrote.
Instead of doing that, I slept on it and came back to my computer last night refreshed and ready to go.
I added another two thousand or so words last night while my cousins and sister played Rock Band for the Wii.
I did take pause a few times and play with them; I'm in love with that game, and didn't want to miss out.
I'm happy with what I've written so far, though I know it could be much better.
But editing it is what December is all about!

Word Count: 15, 379



I just don't want to.

Kimbra says:
Write these next few thousand words for me : (
Rayne says:
Sure, here you go...
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...
Kimbra says:

This is about how I'm feeling right now.
I don't want to write the rest of my 3,000something words.
I think it's because I'm in the "I have to do this" instead of "I want to do this" mindset.
I mean, don't get me wrong; I love writing. I love the feeling of having these characters and their small world that I'm responsible for, and I love seeing my babies come to life.
But I'm in a rough spot that I find myself trying to plow through.
I don't want any of these characters to be left behind and fall off of the page's surface, so I have to figure out how I'm including all of them still.
Le sigh.

On another note, I bought a 1 year old $300 laptop from a student that sold it through Craigslist.
It has everything that I need, except for a functioning internet, which I shall take care of tomorrow before work.
I've wanted a laptop for years now, but haven't had enough until now to purchase one.
The feeling of elation that I felt upon buying it was amazing.

I suppose that's all for today.
But to plowing through tonight's words!


Bad day, but with good intentions.

This morning, I recieved a text message at 7:30.
Annoyed, I opened it, thinking that it was work or something important.
My eyes met the words "I see you, do you see me?"
These words were sent from a random number that I've never seen before.
I didn't know what to think, do or say; I was half asleep.
"Yup. Clear as day," I respond, trying to be apathetic about the situation.
"Do you know who this is?" they send back.
"No idea. But I'm hoping that you have a good reason for waking me up."
This person said "thank you" at one point, and "good night my love" at another.
I don't remember the specifics because I was definitely still trying to sleep; I had two hours left to sleep, and there was no way I was missing out on them.
Needless to say, this text messaging situation caused my day to get off to a bad start. I felt cranky for the rest of the day, and annoyed at almost every little thing.
The History test during class today, that I conveinantly forgot to study for, didn't help things.
I finally figured out who texted me, and it turns out that I work with him.
I wanted to yell at him. What was he doing waking me up two hours before my alarm went off!?
I did text him earlier in the morning telling him that I didn't appreciate it, and that him giving me the run around about who he was was definitely a jerk move.
I came home eventually, napped for an hour, and worked from 3-9 tonight.
After arriving home, I showered to try to get rid of my funk, and it worked for the most part.
I'm worried about my mom as of late, but that's an entirely different blog post.

I did manage to get some work done on my novel, though not as much as I would have liked.
Did you know that tomorrow is a "double your usual word count in a day" day?
You take your total, divide it by six, and that's how many words you should write tomorrow.
I don't know whether to be excited or freak out.
A combination of both would probably be the correct reaction.

Word Count: 11,378
Words Needed For Tomorrow: 3,792



Oh, Life, How I Love Thee.

Bad Things:
-- I keep staying awake until around 3 a.m., even when I'm fully aware that I have class at 8 a.m. the next morning.
-- Because of the aforementioned circumstance, I didn't wake up for classes at all yesterday.
-- As a result of not waking up yesterday, I didn't turn in my History quiz and recieved a zero.
-- My brain wants to turn itself off, but I know I won't sleep for another hour.
-- My desk is a flat-out mess.
-- I haven't played Super Mario Galaxy in days.

Good Things:
-- I somehow manage to get through a day, even if it starts off all wrong.
-- My professor was nice enough to grade my quiz once I proved to her that I didn't cheat by changing my answers to the ones she emailed the class. Awesome!
-- One of my best friends got married today!! I almost cried during the vows.
-- My desk being messy means that I'm actually getting writing/reading/homework done. Same for not playing Super Mario Galaxy Whoo!
-- I've become much closer to a few friends recently, and I'm grateful.
-- I emailed my novel (when it was 11 pages) off to another one of my friends, though I haven't heard his response to it... I'm hoping he works tomorrow so that I can ask him about it.

See how the good outweigh the bad?
This is why I love life:
For every bad circumstance or situation, something good will happen.
Lovely : )

Word Count: 10, 279.
Yay for FINALLY breaking 10K!!!



Dear Brain, thank you for the words!

So the start to my day was rather rough...
I woke up around 6:20 a.m., after not going to sleep until 3 a.m...
My abs, back, and chest were sore...
And I didn't go to World Lit. For the second time in a row.
I know, I know. I'm a bad person. But I loved that extra hour of sleep.
I made myself go to Spanish today, though, since we kind of had a test in there that I didn't study for because I may or may not have been writing and then chatting online with a couple of friends...
But it's okay! Don't fret! I think I did alright.
Or. I hope I did alright. We'll see.
I DID recieve the news that our speaking test isn't until the 17th, SO YAY!!!!
After class, I came home, tweaked my novel a bit and took a hour-and-a-half nap, and woke up to a text message from my good friend.
I got up, got dressed, and drove to Rosa's to eat lunch with her.
Lunch went well, and I'm really glad that we had that time to talk; we haven't had the chance in awhile.
After coming back home, I went with my dad to the Pawn shop to get my mom's computer out of it.
When I arrived home for the second time I settled in to write my novel.

I actually feel as if I got something DONE today!
It was kind of awesome realizing that I went for a considerable amount of time without getting interrupted every five minutes.
After writing, showering, and writing some more, I feel as if I'm at a good stopping point.
I sent my eleven-page novel to a friend from work, actually, and he said he liked it starting at the first page.
I feel good about that, but oh so very anxious about what he'll think of the rest of it (especially the more raunchy moments).
I don't think that I've reached a stopping point yet, but I need to do my hair, get some laundry done and prepare for classes tomorrow before even thinking about continuing.
I'm a bit apprehensive at the moment because I don't know what direction I want my novel to go in.
I guess I can write and see what happens? But in doing so I feel as if I'm inviting failure in by not following the original plan, and in deviating from said plan I may or may not get the 50,000 words.
We'll see where it goes... still in the thinking stages.

Word count: 5,633

Alright, I'm gone for tonight!
(Thank you Sheri for becoming my first follower! I was very excited to see that I actually had someone in that box! : D)



One Lazy, Yet Good, Day.

I started the day off by going to the two classes that I signed up for on the MWF days.
History seemed like a rapid-fire round as she went through slides, encouraged us to abbreviate what we can, and only write the "bold print." My mom called during this class, and I'm pretty sure I missed a couple of words, but oh well; I got so many other words that I think I'll be fine.
Yoga was intense; I don't remember having a class yet that made me sweat like today's did. We did several lunging poses, and a few balancing poses. The last one was the most intense: a handstand.
Yes. Using a medicine ball to give us some support, I used my arms, pulled my abs in, and made the ball move in such a way that I was just on my tiptoes with my butt up in the air. I did that twice. Crazy, yet challenging enough to feel accomplished.
Afterward, I drove the long way to a Half Price Books, and ended up spending a good 45 minutes wandering through the shelves. I found the book that I'm reading for World Lit ("Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" by James Patterson), a book called "The Unfair Sex" by Nina Farewell (pretty much how to deal with dates and guys, which is nice for somoene who definitely is out of practice), "An Abundance of Katherine's" by John Green, and "Definitely, Maybe" on DVD. All of that ran me about $14. Seems fair, I think.
I went to the Library afterward and printed off the necessary stuff for History, saw my friend Kimmi for a moment, and headed home after paying for the pages.
Upon arriving home, I got distracted by my computer for awhile, and ended up doing my History quiz two days early while watching "The Tyra Banks Show" with my sister.
After finishing my quiz, I napped for an hour and woke up feeling like a million bucks.
I've since added enough words to bring my novel's word count to 2,218, which is honestly very hard to believe considering the amount of NOISE that occurs in this living room (mom yelling out random things, dad's TV, my sister typing, and a cat meowing. Blah).
I honestly can't wait for a laptop. I need tranquility so that I don't get frustrated and STOP writing, which is pretty much what's happened for now.
I need to study for my Spanish test tomorrow, anyway.

I think I'm buying a Macbook Pro for around $700 instead of my sister's boyfriend's laptop; the guys I asked about it said that his isn't worth $500.

I know that I sound like I'm not enjoying this NaNoWriMo journey very much, but I promise that I am.
It's rediculously awesome to feel so good after accomplishing the words I've already accomplished.

I'm just frustrated that I can't be left alone long enough to accomplish more.
This too shall pass : )

Talk to ya'll tomorrow!


A rough start to WriMo

Last night was Halloween night.
I spent my Halloween night at work attempting to get my exhausted body and mind to function.
Upon arriving home, I plopped myself down in my computer chair to await the start of National Novel Writing Month.
I ended up getting distracted by a boy, cookies, my sister, Winnie The Pooh, and online games. Before I knew it, it was two a.m. and I hadn't written a single word.
"Tomorrow," I promised myself. With that promise, I fell into a restful sleep.

Today was just as busy as yesterday.
I woke up, forced myself to shower, sat down at the computer and forced myself not to write; I didn't want to get into my novel and not find a stopping point.
I went to work, worked until around 8, got home, and was bothered since then by my sister to play "Super Mario Galaxy" with her.
Needless to say, I didn't get very much done. I DID write 500 words before she started playing and forced me to play along.
After losing my train of thought entirely, almost losing my novel at 800 words, and losing my mind to a sleepy haze, I've decided to call it a night.
Which is fine right now... I have 1,092 words written.
I'm not pleased with how distracted I was tonight.
I wanted to get much more written, and I'm angry that even though I explained NaNoWriMo to my family they don't seem to get it.
Oh well. I guess I just need to reexplain everything.

I talked to my sister's boyfriend earlier tonight, and he says that he'll sell me his laptop for $500.
I have... $400 right now, and I get paid on Thursday, so I'll definitely have enough for it.
It needs a new battery, though, and he needs to put Microsoft Word on it.
I'm hoping that with this laptop I can become a recluse on nights that I want to write and get much more done.
I just need November, dangit!
Just give me November to be a writing machine!