Dear Brain, thank you for the words!

So the start to my day was rather rough...
I woke up around 6:20 a.m., after not going to sleep until 3 a.m...
My abs, back, and chest were sore...
And I didn't go to World Lit. For the second time in a row.
I know, I know. I'm a bad person. But I loved that extra hour of sleep.
I made myself go to Spanish today, though, since we kind of had a test in there that I didn't study for because I may or may not have been writing and then chatting online with a couple of friends...
But it's okay! Don't fret! I think I did alright.
Or. I hope I did alright. We'll see.
I DID recieve the news that our speaking test isn't until the 17th, SO YAY!!!!
After class, I came home, tweaked my novel a bit and took a hour-and-a-half nap, and woke up to a text message from my good friend.
I got up, got dressed, and drove to Rosa's to eat lunch with her.
Lunch went well, and I'm really glad that we had that time to talk; we haven't had the chance in awhile.
After coming back home, I went with my dad to the Pawn shop to get my mom's computer out of it.
When I arrived home for the second time I settled in to write my novel.

I actually feel as if I got something DONE today!
It was kind of awesome realizing that I went for a considerable amount of time without getting interrupted every five minutes.
After writing, showering, and writing some more, I feel as if I'm at a good stopping point.
I sent my eleven-page novel to a friend from work, actually, and he said he liked it starting at the first page.
I feel good about that, but oh so very anxious about what he'll think of the rest of it (especially the more raunchy moments).
I don't think that I've reached a stopping point yet, but I need to do my hair, get some laundry done and prepare for classes tomorrow before even thinking about continuing.
I'm a bit apprehensive at the moment because I don't know what direction I want my novel to go in.
I guess I can write and see what happens? But in doing so I feel as if I'm inviting failure in by not following the original plan, and in deviating from said plan I may or may not get the 50,000 words.
We'll see where it goes... still in the thinking stages.

Word count: 5,633

Alright, I'm gone for tonight!
(Thank you Sheri for becoming my first follower! I was very excited to see that I actually had someone in that box! : D)


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