The past couple of days, the first friend that I sent my novel to has immersed himself within it's pages long enough to finish the first thirteen or fourteen pages of my ever-growing novel.
"I like it," he says. "I'm excited to read it."
This is part of what keeps me writing.
That, and I've found a place within my rough spot to continue writing off of.

I didn't write any more the other night; I was done, and contemplated deleting the thousand or so words that I wrote.
Instead of doing that, I slept on it and came back to my computer last night refreshed and ready to go.
I added another two thousand or so words last night while my cousins and sister played Rock Band for the Wii.
I did take pause a few times and play with them; I'm in love with that game, and didn't want to miss out.
I'm happy with what I've written so far, though I know it could be much better.
But editing it is what December is all about!

Word Count: 15, 379


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