Oh, Life, How I Love Thee.

Bad Things:
-- I keep staying awake until around 3 a.m., even when I'm fully aware that I have class at 8 a.m. the next morning.
-- Because of the aforementioned circumstance, I didn't wake up for classes at all yesterday.
-- As a result of not waking up yesterday, I didn't turn in my History quiz and recieved a zero.
-- My brain wants to turn itself off, but I know I won't sleep for another hour.
-- My desk is a flat-out mess.
-- I haven't played Super Mario Galaxy in days.

Good Things:
-- I somehow manage to get through a day, even if it starts off all wrong.
-- My professor was nice enough to grade my quiz once I proved to her that I didn't cheat by changing my answers to the ones she emailed the class. Awesome!
-- One of my best friends got married today!! I almost cried during the vows.
-- My desk being messy means that I'm actually getting writing/reading/homework done. Same for not playing Super Mario Galaxy Whoo!
-- I've become much closer to a few friends recently, and I'm grateful.
-- I emailed my novel (when it was 11 pages) off to another one of my friends, though I haven't heard his response to it... I'm hoping he works tomorrow so that I can ask him about it.

See how the good outweigh the bad?
This is why I love life:
For every bad circumstance or situation, something good will happen.
Lovely : )

Word Count: 10, 279.
Yay for FINALLY breaking 10K!!!


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