A rough start to WriMo

Last night was Halloween night.
I spent my Halloween night at work attempting to get my exhausted body and mind to function.
Upon arriving home, I plopped myself down in my computer chair to await the start of National Novel Writing Month.
I ended up getting distracted by a boy, cookies, my sister, Winnie The Pooh, and online games. Before I knew it, it was two a.m. and I hadn't written a single word.
"Tomorrow," I promised myself. With that promise, I fell into a restful sleep.

Today was just as busy as yesterday.
I woke up, forced myself to shower, sat down at the computer and forced myself not to write; I didn't want to get into my novel and not find a stopping point.
I went to work, worked until around 8, got home, and was bothered since then by my sister to play "Super Mario Galaxy" with her.
Needless to say, I didn't get very much done. I DID write 500 words before she started playing and forced me to play along.
After losing my train of thought entirely, almost losing my novel at 800 words, and losing my mind to a sleepy haze, I've decided to call it a night.
Which is fine right now... I have 1,092 words written.
I'm not pleased with how distracted I was tonight.
I wanted to get much more written, and I'm angry that even though I explained NaNoWriMo to my family they don't seem to get it.
Oh well. I guess I just need to reexplain everything.

I talked to my sister's boyfriend earlier tonight, and he says that he'll sell me his laptop for $500.
I have... $400 right now, and I get paid on Thursday, so I'll definitely have enough for it.
It needs a new battery, though, and he needs to put Microsoft Word on it.
I'm hoping that with this laptop I can become a recluse on nights that I want to write and get much more done.
I just need November, dangit!
Just give me November to be a writing machine!


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