Crazy, Lazy

So yesterday I worked from 3 to 7:30.
After coming home, I sat alone until my friend Alex got here at 10.
We ended up driving to WalMart and spending some time in the movie section, in which I found "The Hangover" and decided to purchase that before leaving.
I went through self check, which was stupid for two reasons... 1) I wanted to use the rest of my gift card, and ended up having to use cash because it wouldn't cover the entire cost, and 2) I needed to show my ID because I had, in my posession, a rated R movie. I felt stupid explaining to the impatient woman a few people behind me that I needed approval for a rated R movie. I failed to mention that I'm 21, which I should have mentioned so that she didn't think I'm younger. People usually do think that I'm younger than I am... It's my baby face, and lack of appropriate height.
After WalMart, I drove us to Blockbuster, and was greeted with dark windows.
So we drove back to my house, got on the internet, and eventually ended up watching "The Hangover."
I'm in love with that movie.
I don't know whether it's got some of the best dialogue or funniest jokes or fantastic characters or most outlandish situations or all of the above, but I love that movie.
Around 2 a.m., I got an IHOP craving, and mentioned it to my friend Andy, who mentioned it to his friend Gaby, and the four of us met up at IHOP and ended up sitting there until 4:30 a.m.
During the time at IHOP we:
- Dubbed me "Homegirl."
- Made friends with our Waitress.
- Found out that Andy doesn't have dignity : p
- Whitnessed a near fight, which ended up turning into a rather large verbal fight until the people who wanted to fight left. Blah.
- Made several random jokes and had a really fun time.
After Alex and I got back to my house, we got on the internet for another thirty minutes, and I excused myself and went to sleep at 5 a.m.

At 8 a.m., I woke up to a text message from Andy. Instead of answering, I rolled over and fell asleep again.
At 9:45 a.m., I recieved a phone call from my friend Michelle, which I haven't returned... whoops >< Instead of answering, I let it go to voicemail and rolled over.
At 11:30 a.m., both of my alarms went off and I hit snooze on one of them until it shut off entirely.
At 1 p.m., I pulled myself out of my dream and dragged myself to my mom's bathroom, where I proceeded to shower.
At 2 p.m., I was back in my bed and watching random Youtube videos and sitting on facebook.
At 2:45 p.m., I made myself some eggs and toast and ate that while Alex and I chatted for a bit.
At 3 p.m., Alex took her leave and I turned all of my lights out, flopped into my bed and sat with my laptop in my lap, watching Youtube videos until 5 p.m.
I eventually straightened my hair, shaved my legs and cleaned my room.
I unloaded the dishwasher and put the clean towels away.
I should probably get dressed and put makeup on in preperation to go to John's...

I plan on spending the vast majority of the rest of my night with Mr. John, and coming home sometime in the wee hours of the morning.
That's usually how it works, anyway.
Andy was hoping that I would throw a small party, but I'm pretty sure that it isn't happening.

I think that's it.
I'll talk to you cool cats later!

Have a good week!


Good Things

- I've read 2/3 books that I purchased the other day. I actually read them in two days because I couldn't put either one of them down for very long.
- Though I'm still sick, I'm slowly getting better. Hoping that it goes away soon.
- I bought my American Literature book for $7.31 including shipping and handling. That's AWESOME! And I think my history book for this semester is the same one from last semester so that's also awesome. I only need two or three more books, and I'm hoping that I can get them for discounted prices. Whoo!
- My manager gave me the night off with the phrase "... you have the night off go to Isengard." I love having nerdy managers!
- School starts next Wednesday, and although I'm really anxious about the first day, I'm also really excited to meet everyone. It's weird, but good.
- Our electricity was turned back on today after sleeping with it off for the night. It wasn't bad, actually... just needed a few extra blankets and we were fine. And we had candles pretty much everywhere.
- The David Nail concert was actually enjoyable, which is good. Would have had more fun after another drink, but I knew I had to drive home at some point.

I think that's it now.
Ya'll have a good week!
Try to focus on the good things : )


Sicky Sick

So yesterday, I woke up with a slightly sore throat, a cough and a runny/stuffy/whatever-it-wants-to-be-nose.
With a groan, I realized what was going on: my cold has returned.
I was sick for two and a half weeks, and for a week or so I felt great. No cough, no nothing. I don't think I even realized that it went away; I just /felt/ better. I know I did, otherwise I wouldn't feel so crappy right now with my cold's return.
There could be any number of reasons, but honestly I don't care what they are... I just want it to go away as fast as it came back.
I can't afford to be sick right now.
I have to be able to work, and I start school next week on Wednesday. Not to mention the fact that I want a social life.
Blaaah to being sick!
On the bright side, my cat, Kitty-Kitty, is being really sweet and sitting with me. And I have 1 1/4 books to read out of my 3 new books. Whoop whoo!

In other news, tomorrow night is the David Nail concert.
I hadn't heard any of his songs until three minutes ago when I turned one on, and he seems like a rather sad fellow.
Oh well. What else did I expect from a "rising country star"?

I've been wanting to film a vlog for the past five days.
I can't ever get the living room to myself, though, so it hasn't happened yet.

Alrighty, I'm done.


For Real Update : )

Yesterday I woke up around 12:30 to a text message from Kimmi. "Are you up?"
"No," I responded, laughing. "But I am now."
After a little more conversation I shoved myself out of bed and hastily got ready to meet her at Subway for lunch.
We chatted and got caught up, which was lovely, and she was nice enough to grab my lunch since I got it last time. I had forgotten about that last part, heh.
I went to work shortly after leaving her company.
Work went well enough. My manager said something to upset me, but on the brighter side I got to help stock a side counter and worked with Cliff, who actually ended up making the night bearable.
After I got off of work last night, I came home and chilled long enough to realize that I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble thirty minutes before it closed.
I dragged my mom along for the ride, and sped practically across town to get there before closing.
I had ten minutes to get the book I wanted, but that didn't matter; I was on a mission.
I got sidetracked, however, whenever I saw a brand new hardbacked cover of "Arch Enemy" by Frank Beddor, the third installment in "The Looking Glass Wars" series. Seeing as how I already own the first two books, I picked it up without a moment's hesitation.
I stopped again when I saw "Th1rteen R3asons Why" by Jay Asher, because that book has haunted the past four or five B&N trips, and frankly I wanted to own it.
After that, I resumed my mission, perusing the Young Adult/Teen section, eventually feeling kind of sad because I didn't find my book.
"They're alphabetized by author's last name," my brain said to me (yes, I personify things when it isn't necessary...), and I followed it's lead to the G's, where I found the last name "Green." Upon further inspection, I found the book I was looking for: "Looking For Alaska." This book was only $9 with tax, and just seemed like something that I would enjoy reading.
I got into the car, triumphant and beaming at my finds. I showed my mom and she tried hard to be as excited as I was, though I could tell it was rough for her; she isn't as enthusiastic about books as I am.
I drove toward home, stopping at the bank to deposit money.
When I got home, I purchased three David Nail tickets (still don't know what this guy is all about, but frankly it doesn't bother me; I'll figure it out by Thursday) and got pumped for his concert later this week.
I eventually started "Looking For Alaska" and wrestled back my sleepiness so I could read almost half of it before falling asleep around 4:30 a.m.

This morning, around 7:15, three alarms went off and I hit snooze on each of them.
My sister came in around 7:30 and woke me up, saying that I had a breakfast date in thirty minutes. "Who's it with?" she asked. "Your boyfriend!?"
"What? No. I don't have a boyfriend," I said groggily as I opened my eyes.
"Oh," she said, holding the cat that was moments earlier trying to nuzzle my face.
When she left, I shoved myself out of bed and hastily got ready, touching up my makeup from the day before and not touching my hair.
I picked Megan up at 8, and ended up visiting with her family for a little bit.
We drove to a pharmacy type place for her x-rays, then to IHOP for breakfast.
We caught up on each other's lives and made small talk as we munched on our really good breakfasts.
I dropped her back off at home around 9:15 and when I arrived home I came straight back to my bedroom and put on my pajamas...
Only to pick up Looking For Alaska and read it, unable to put it down.
I slept a little more eventually, waking up when Dani started POUNDING on my door to wake me up.
I was happy to see her, but irked at the rude awakening.
She gave us our Christmas presents, which are AWESOME! She's so good at picking gifts for us, and so thoughtful : D
She left around 2, after visiting for quite awhile, and I came back here and read MORE.
Mom eventually came back here and snuggled into my bed with me, eventually making it to where I wanted to go run errands with her.
We went to the liquor store to take stuff back, WalMart to get an extra movie refunded (I got a superwoman belly ring... rock on!), Kohls, and some other place.
We got home around 7, Rachel got home, ruined my night with her selfishness, and I ended up coming back here for awhile to be by myself so I wouldn't be as rude as I wanted to be to her.
I showered, came back in here, and have been chilling on the internet, updating things, and chatting with people since.
I actually finished Looking for Alaska, and considered moving on to Arch Enemy, but it's 4:30 a.m. and I'm getting tired.
Great way to spend a night, right?

Random things going on right now:
- The back of my hands are incredibly dry, almost to the point of hurting.
- My belly button piercing doesn't hurt as bad as it usually does.
- I keep biting one part of my lip and I think it's almost swollen.
- Dad no longer lives with us.
- Brandon may be moving in in a month or so.

Okay, I suppose that's all.
Goodnight and I hope you have a great week!


Holy cow, it's 2010.

So I didn't realize that I left my blog at such a cliffhanger.
You may have found yourself asking: Did she finish her novel, or did she stop writing and hate herself for forever and ever??
I am happy to inform you that I DID finish my novel, with over 52,000 words.
I sent it off for the free proof copy before revising it, which I don't advise at all, and started the revision process Christmas night.
I only got halfway through, but that's okay! I have time (I hope).
I gave the copy of my novel to my friend John, and emailed a copy to my aunt.
I'm hoping that my aunt can help me through the revision process since she's a new pair of eyes.

I guess I should touch base really quick on what else is going on in my life...
I turned 21 on the fifth of December and have had a few parties here at mom's, which have been fun and all but I think I need a nice break before I plan another one.
My Christmas went amazingly. I hung out with my family and had a good time. AND! It was a White Christmas in Texas, which was really wonderful even though really no Texan can drive in sleet/snow/ice. I got a few awesome gifts that I'm grateful for.
My New Years actually went amazingly well. Or, my weekend festivities did. I partied at home with friends and had an amazing time. The day after, I took a few shots with friends and had a sober one drive us to IHOP (voluntarily, of course. And I paid for her drink and $5 toward her gas).
My dad no longer lives with us, which is a good thing. I don't feel like going into that... I'm honestly tired of talking about it.
I don't feel like it's a New Year honestly, but that's perfectly fine... Maybe I will feel differently soon.
Dani got me a rockin' Harry Potter poster for Christmas that I need to hang up. I think I will actually do that soon. Like, when I finish this blog and/or shower.

I've read an insane number of books lately (more like four or five, but that's more than I've read in awhile), and currently have three more waiting for me to crack open their covers.

I registered for classes for the Spring semester and will be starting classes on the 20th of this month, which also happens to be Dani's birthday. Huh. Imagine that.

I don't know what else to report...
Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well.

I hope your life is going amazingly : )