For Real Update : )

Yesterday I woke up around 12:30 to a text message from Kimmi. "Are you up?"
"No," I responded, laughing. "But I am now."
After a little more conversation I shoved myself out of bed and hastily got ready to meet her at Subway for lunch.
We chatted and got caught up, which was lovely, and she was nice enough to grab my lunch since I got it last time. I had forgotten about that last part, heh.
I went to work shortly after leaving her company.
Work went well enough. My manager said something to upset me, but on the brighter side I got to help stock a side counter and worked with Cliff, who actually ended up making the night bearable.
After I got off of work last night, I came home and chilled long enough to realize that I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble thirty minutes before it closed.
I dragged my mom along for the ride, and sped practically across town to get there before closing.
I had ten minutes to get the book I wanted, but that didn't matter; I was on a mission.
I got sidetracked, however, whenever I saw a brand new hardbacked cover of "Arch Enemy" by Frank Beddor, the third installment in "The Looking Glass Wars" series. Seeing as how I already own the first two books, I picked it up without a moment's hesitation.
I stopped again when I saw "Th1rteen R3asons Why" by Jay Asher, because that book has haunted the past four or five B&N trips, and frankly I wanted to own it.
After that, I resumed my mission, perusing the Young Adult/Teen section, eventually feeling kind of sad because I didn't find my book.
"They're alphabetized by author's last name," my brain said to me (yes, I personify things when it isn't necessary...), and I followed it's lead to the G's, where I found the last name "Green." Upon further inspection, I found the book I was looking for: "Looking For Alaska." This book was only $9 with tax, and just seemed like something that I would enjoy reading.
I got into the car, triumphant and beaming at my finds. I showed my mom and she tried hard to be as excited as I was, though I could tell it was rough for her; she isn't as enthusiastic about books as I am.
I drove toward home, stopping at the bank to deposit money.
When I got home, I purchased three David Nail tickets (still don't know what this guy is all about, but frankly it doesn't bother me; I'll figure it out by Thursday) and got pumped for his concert later this week.
I eventually started "Looking For Alaska" and wrestled back my sleepiness so I could read almost half of it before falling asleep around 4:30 a.m.

This morning, around 7:15, three alarms went off and I hit snooze on each of them.
My sister came in around 7:30 and woke me up, saying that I had a breakfast date in thirty minutes. "Who's it with?" she asked. "Your boyfriend!?"
"What? No. I don't have a boyfriend," I said groggily as I opened my eyes.
"Oh," she said, holding the cat that was moments earlier trying to nuzzle my face.
When she left, I shoved myself out of bed and hastily got ready, touching up my makeup from the day before and not touching my hair.
I picked Megan up at 8, and ended up visiting with her family for a little bit.
We drove to a pharmacy type place for her x-rays, then to IHOP for breakfast.
We caught up on each other's lives and made small talk as we munched on our really good breakfasts.
I dropped her back off at home around 9:15 and when I arrived home I came straight back to my bedroom and put on my pajamas...
Only to pick up Looking For Alaska and read it, unable to put it down.
I slept a little more eventually, waking up when Dani started POUNDING on my door to wake me up.
I was happy to see her, but irked at the rude awakening.
She gave us our Christmas presents, which are AWESOME! She's so good at picking gifts for us, and so thoughtful : D
She left around 2, after visiting for quite awhile, and I came back here and read MORE.
Mom eventually came back here and snuggled into my bed with me, eventually making it to where I wanted to go run errands with her.
We went to the liquor store to take stuff back, WalMart to get an extra movie refunded (I got a superwoman belly ring... rock on!), Kohls, and some other place.
We got home around 7, Rachel got home, ruined my night with her selfishness, and I ended up coming back here for awhile to be by myself so I wouldn't be as rude as I wanted to be to her.
I showered, came back in here, and have been chilling on the internet, updating things, and chatting with people since.
I actually finished Looking for Alaska, and considered moving on to Arch Enemy, but it's 4:30 a.m. and I'm getting tired.
Great way to spend a night, right?

Random things going on right now:
- The back of my hands are incredibly dry, almost to the point of hurting.
- My belly button piercing doesn't hurt as bad as it usually does.
- I keep biting one part of my lip and I think it's almost swollen.
- Dad no longer lives with us.
- Brandon may be moving in in a month or so.

Okay, I suppose that's all.
Goodnight and I hope you have a great week!

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