Good Things

- I've read 2/3 books that I purchased the other day. I actually read them in two days because I couldn't put either one of them down for very long.
- Though I'm still sick, I'm slowly getting better. Hoping that it goes away soon.
- I bought my American Literature book for $7.31 including shipping and handling. That's AWESOME! And I think my history book for this semester is the same one from last semester so that's also awesome. I only need two or three more books, and I'm hoping that I can get them for discounted prices. Whoo!
- My manager gave me the night off with the phrase "... you have the night off go to Isengard." I love having nerdy managers!
- School starts next Wednesday, and although I'm really anxious about the first day, I'm also really excited to meet everyone. It's weird, but good.
- Our electricity was turned back on today after sleeping with it off for the night. It wasn't bad, actually... just needed a few extra blankets and we were fine. And we had candles pretty much everywhere.
- The David Nail concert was actually enjoyable, which is good. Would have had more fun after another drink, but I knew I had to drive home at some point.

I think that's it now.
Ya'll have a good week!
Try to focus on the good things : )

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