Holy cow, it's 2010.

So I didn't realize that I left my blog at such a cliffhanger.
You may have found yourself asking: Did she finish her novel, or did she stop writing and hate herself for forever and ever??
I am happy to inform you that I DID finish my novel, with over 52,000 words.
I sent it off for the free proof copy before revising it, which I don't advise at all, and started the revision process Christmas night.
I only got halfway through, but that's okay! I have time (I hope).
I gave the copy of my novel to my friend John, and emailed a copy to my aunt.
I'm hoping that my aunt can help me through the revision process since she's a new pair of eyes.

I guess I should touch base really quick on what else is going on in my life...
I turned 21 on the fifth of December and have had a few parties here at mom's, which have been fun and all but I think I need a nice break before I plan another one.
My Christmas went amazingly. I hung out with my family and had a good time. AND! It was a White Christmas in Texas, which was really wonderful even though really no Texan can drive in sleet/snow/ice. I got a few awesome gifts that I'm grateful for.
My New Years actually went amazingly well. Or, my weekend festivities did. I partied at home with friends and had an amazing time. The day after, I took a few shots with friends and had a sober one drive us to IHOP (voluntarily, of course. And I paid for her drink and $5 toward her gas).
My dad no longer lives with us, which is a good thing. I don't feel like going into that... I'm honestly tired of talking about it.
I don't feel like it's a New Year honestly, but that's perfectly fine... Maybe I will feel differently soon.
Dani got me a rockin' Harry Potter poster for Christmas that I need to hang up. I think I will actually do that soon. Like, when I finish this blog and/or shower.

I've read an insane number of books lately (more like four or five, but that's more than I've read in awhile), and currently have three more waiting for me to crack open their covers.

I registered for classes for the Spring semester and will be starting classes on the 20th of this month, which also happens to be Dani's birthday. Huh. Imagine that.

I don't know what else to report...
Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well.

I hope your life is going amazingly : )

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