Sicky Sick

So yesterday, I woke up with a slightly sore throat, a cough and a runny/stuffy/whatever-it-wants-to-be-nose.
With a groan, I realized what was going on: my cold has returned.
I was sick for two and a half weeks, and for a week or so I felt great. No cough, no nothing. I don't think I even realized that it went away; I just /felt/ better. I know I did, otherwise I wouldn't feel so crappy right now with my cold's return.
There could be any number of reasons, but honestly I don't care what they are... I just want it to go away as fast as it came back.
I can't afford to be sick right now.
I have to be able to work, and I start school next week on Wednesday. Not to mention the fact that I want a social life.
Blaaah to being sick!
On the bright side, my cat, Kitty-Kitty, is being really sweet and sitting with me. And I have 1 1/4 books to read out of my 3 new books. Whoop whoo!

In other news, tomorrow night is the David Nail concert.
I hadn't heard any of his songs until three minutes ago when I turned one on, and he seems like a rather sad fellow.
Oh well. What else did I expect from a "rising country star"?

I've been wanting to film a vlog for the past five days.
I can't ever get the living room to myself, though, so it hasn't happened yet.

Alrighty, I'm done.

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