Been a long time...

I think it's been at least a week since I updated...
I won't go into the details of every day for the sole reason that I don't know what they are.
Here's a half-hearted list instead...

- World Lit: We had to write an essay over what we would do if we had one week left to live. We read "Everyman," and I skipped the class in which we discussed it. We had our first test a class before that. We're learning about "Doctor Faustas," and I'm convinced that the main character is a crazy nut.

- History: It's all about taking notes and trying to memorize the details that you're given. We took our first test in there the last class, and I'm not sure that I did so well.

- BCIS: The work load hasn't slowed down, and I'm sure that it won't. I had 19 assignments due the other night by midnight, had two due the next night that took me about an hour and a half to do, and I think I have more due by the 14th. Awesome.

- Film Apprecation: I really love this class. We got to watch Star Trek the last class, and discuss it. It's totally worth waking up on Saturdays at 8 a.m. And our professor is really funny. Whoo!

- Work: Work has been getting bumpy, but it's okay... I just need to learn not to nap after classes, and how to get ready. I also need to learn how to clean up the store in a more detailed way faster... Yeeeah. I recieved a text earlier today telling me that it's a snow day and to take the night off... I sent one back that said "No more beautiful words have been sent through a text message." Haha.

- Social Life: I love my social life as of late... I've formed a kind of 'los tres amigos' group with Alex and Andy, which is awesome. I participated in a shaving cream fight a day or so ago, and on another occasion met a very nice local police officer. I played pick up sticks and dominos with Andy the other night. And today it snowed! Jake, Sammi and Brandon came over, and we wrestled in the snow, made snow angels, made a snowman, and threw snow balls... I love snow days!

- Free time: It seems like I hardly have any of this, but I know I have more than I can handle. I spend most of it catching up on sleep, since I don't sleep until 3 or 4 a.m. on any given day. I do Wii Fit and work out. I shower. I do homework. I make youtube videos. I facebook. I read TFLN (texts from last night)on a regular basis now. I haven't partied in awhile, but I'm having one on Saturday. And I blog, but way less than usual unfortunately.

- What bothers me lately: Getting ignored by people until it's a conveinant time for them to talk. Getting blown off. People getting married when they a) have known each other for 9 months and have been dating for 3, b) have a bad relationship beforehand and think that it will resolve everything and c) have NO idea how hard it can be (I'm not saying that I have any idea of how marriage is, but I think I have a better idea than these people actually getting married. Holy cow). There's a group of people trying to get the lawmakers to make divorces illegal, which is a) against some sort of personal freedom, I'm sure, and b) a really bad idea - what if they're in a marriage where the husband beats the wife, beats the kids, the wife is crazy, or either spouse cheats and ends up finding happiness elsewhere? I'm not saying any of that is good, but it happens.

- What excites me lately: Getting that extra ten minutes of sleep and still getting to class and work on time. The snow! Hanging out with my friends. Getting nice comments on my Youtube videos from people that I've come to care about and admire. TFLN.

I guess that's all.
I guess this blog was more in depth than planned.
Good : )


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