A few bad days Does Not equal a bad life.

If you kept up with me this week, you know I've had a pretty bad week.
Cold, losing a friend, period, drama...
Those things came together at one time and hit me, trying to bring me down.
And it worked some; I honestly didn't think that my week would get any better.
Every day seemed to come with it's own little negative surprise, and frankly it was hard to keep doing what I need to do within my daily life.
Finally, yesterday, the sun figuratively started shining.
Today, it was literally shining.

Yesterday was the first day that I started feeling like a normal human being.
I went to my class, napped, worked out, cleaned my room, and hung out with the most awesome guy ever (even though, yes, he is pretty confusing/frustrating at times, and is only my friend). We ended up going to Subway with my sister and her, uh, guy, and then to WalMart after we dropped them off. After a bit we watched "Run Lola Run," and ended up wrestling and he beat me. Because he's strong. But I can still take him. Or I'd like to think so. I'm still pretty sore from that leg lock he had me in... but I made his nose bleed to make up for it. Still sorry about that, though... poor nose. He left around 12:30 or 1, and my sister's, uh, guy left shortly after.
I ended up staying awake until around 4 a.m., and sleeping through my only class today.
Mom woke me up at 2 p.m. and asked what time I had to work.
5 p.m. is when I had to work, so I chilled around the house and got ready and whatnot for work.
Dad showed up after a little bit.
I filmed a quick video for a collab video to tell Ningmaster Tom of Nerdfightaria to feel better soon.
Work was a normal shift, and we were out of there by 9:30.
I went to Taco Bell after a bit, and watched a movie with mom and Rachel.
My friend Amanda called and we chatted for a minute, and made plans to hang out on Tuesday.
After awhile, Rachel put in a movie for us to watch.
And it's 3:15 a.m. Good thing I don't have to work until 3:30 p.m.

Anyway, the point of this blog is this:
Whatever bad moments, days, weeks or months come by, I know my life isn't a bad one.
I have people that love me, and care about me, in my life, and I have amazing memories that involve these people.
I have a house to live in, and an awesome immediate family to call mine.
Even though I'm lost right now in regard to my life plan, I can rest assured that my life is, usually, a good one.

How is yours going?


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