Talk to My Soul

Today at work, there was a customer that I had to do a price check for.
I was, at that moment, a little frustrated, but was able to help her through the process of figuring out the prices for the items in question.
At one point, she picked up a journal for $2 and, after the price was confirmed, said "I need a journal... I need to talk to my soul."
I replied with "I hear ya, I talk to my soul on a regular basis."
I don't know what her reaction was, but I'm hoping that she doesn't think I was making fun of her, because I was actually serious.
Journaling and blogging are great ways to reflect and get an idea of who you are, get a status on your soul, thoughts, views, personality and everything in between.
Yes, it can get you into trouble if someone else reads something even the least bit offensive, but at least you know who you are and get an idea on how you're handling things.

Speaking of, I'm still in the negative mindset.
I haven't planned for the "Where am I going?" subplot of my life, and I haven't edited my novel any more than I did last week.
I haven't had any of the three discussions that I should have with people, and I'm dreading each and every one of those discussions. I'm trying to put them off until I know I can handle having them, and right now I'm too apprehensive about them and I'm sure that if I tried to have them I wouldn't use the right words or use the right tone of voice. I am, however, most likely having the first of three tomorrow, so fingers crossed for that to go well.
My belly button hurts again, and it's annoying.

I AM feeling a lot better...
My period is no longer trying to murder me, and my cold is almost gone.
So theis is a positive thing...

I need a pick me up, anyway.


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