Valentine's/Single's Awareness Day

Instead of agonizing over whether or not I could find a date, or get a boyfriend, I invited friends over and we had a small party.
It was a lot of fun; there were several good jokes made and several fun moments.
Except some of it wasn't so fun.

I mean, apples to apples, drinks, junkfood, and great company outshine the bad moments, but I want to take a moment to focus on them.

I apparently got very mean (unintentionally of course) and I remember one of my friends being kind of mean to me in return. I could have cried, and I almost did. I couldn't figure out where to sleep because one of my friends passed out in my bed, and one of my friends seemed to not want me to pass out in the living room, and another was asleep on the couch, so the Hallway it was; it was actually comfy for the 20 minutes at a time that I layed there. There was conflict within my self about one of my friends, who I have feelings for, and the other, who I suspected of trying to hook up with the aforementioned friend; I don't know why this seemed like a big deal at all, because even as I sit here typing about it I'm rolling my eyes and going "Oh Kimbra, you're so dumb." I felt sick for awhile and tried passing out in the bathroom, but no dice; I don't think I could have slept even if I wanted to - feeling sick usually keeps one awake.

Other than the previously mentioned moments, my night was amazing. And no, none of those moments are a big deal - there are so many more good moments that counteract those and make it a great night in my book. I just needed to get the bad ones out of my head and into a blog.

I stayed awake until ten this morning chatting with my two girl friends and watching my still drunk mother wander around the kitchen, poking fun at her speech impediment and making sure that she didn't hurt herself at the same time.

I fell asleep whenever they left, and I slept until 1:40, showered, got ready for work, and worked from 3 to 7:30.
When I got home, I got on my desktop for a bit, relocated to my bedroom, watched "Jersey Shore" (which is my newfound addiction), worked out, finished "Jersey Shore," ate, and am now typing this up.
I lead a very interesting life, huh?

I can't think of any better way to spend my Valentine's Day.
I don't need a signifant other to complete me, to shower me with chocolates, to snuggle up to me.
I know that would be lovely, but until that happens Valentine's Day is just another day, and to be lived like any other day.
I'm not bitter about it - just realistic.

As a side note, it snowed in Texas!
It snowed for the entire day on Thursday, and it stopped on Friday morning.
We got a good 10+ inches of snow...
I made a snow angel in my back yard, a snowman with my friends, and another snowman with one of my other friends and my sister. The second one was cuter, but both were equally fun to roll up and decorate.
Need to find the marbles I used for the eyes and mouth, though...
Also, I lost a pair of flip flops in the snow out back... Hoping that they're alright out there : /

As another side note, I need to clean up my house.
Several things about it are driving me crazy right now...
I just haven't made the time to do it, and I've been rather busy entertaining people and having fun.
Need to take my off day tomorrow and do some housekeeping.

I suppose that's it.
I'm honestly hoping this blog is a decent one; I'm kind of just typing it out and hoping for the best.

(technically for me it's been over for two hours, buut oh well.)


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