A Little Different

Before going into an explaination of that title, I will feel free to update you about the past few days.
Yes? Yes.
Maybe you'll get a feel of the explaination before I actually launch into it.

Sunday I was supposed to be at work by 3.
I woke up to a phone call AT THREE THAT AFTERNOON asking me if I was awake.
Of course I wasn't - I slept through my THREE alarms that I set, and for some reason heard my phone HOURS later.
I called Brandi back, then called work to talk to my boss and let him know I was on my way.
I got 1/2 a point, because I'm a loser. Oh well.
I got there 30 minutes later, and worked the closing shift.
It was one of the worst shifts I've had in awhile.
I was stuck in Floral, which is the area that seems to recieve only half of the attention it needs (not to undermine people's jobs, or say that they never do a good job - our customers are pretty messy and I'm sure it's their fault more than anyone elses) (not to blame our customers either - I love you guys.) (time to shut up and move on before I make this hole any deeper) and was the backup on register.
I was disoriented from waking up and basically apparating to work (Harry Potter joke; obviously I can't do that), and hadn't eaten so I was feeling weaker than usual.
It's okay though - I went outside on my break to enjoy the beautiful weather, listen to music, stuff my face with goldfish crackers and collect myself. It worked! Fifteen minutes later I was back inside and ready to work, though still stressed out because I was fully aware of how little time I had left to finish my job.
We closed at 7, and I didn't finish until 7:30.
Then we put away all of the go backs besides scrap booking, leaving ourselves with a ton of paper and stickers for the end.
We saved our Clearance section for last also, and Brandi and I ended up tidying that up (thanks girl - I appreciate it).
We got out of there at 8:30, which wasn't too bad considering the fact that we did an awesome job that night.
I learned a few things that night - 1) I need to work faster, 2) I need to have them put me on my weaker side a little more often, and 3) I should probably stop staying up so late so that I can wake up at a decent hour and not be late for work on days that I go in before 5:30. Yup.
After I got home, I did homework and sat on the internet for awhile.
I realized that I couldn't do half of my BCIS because I didn't have the files, got distracted when it came time to read the play for World Lit, and ended up completing my History maps only to not really study them. Yes, Sunday was a ..GREAT.. day.
I went to bed around 2 Monday morning.

Monday I woke up late, as usual, only to get ready really fast and leave for classes.
We took our quiz in History, and I think I did better than I thought I would. Yeah, I got a 70 on it instead of failing; much better than I thought I would. I tried taking notes but got frustrated, as usual, half way through because she goes too fast. I payed attention the lecture, though, so that's good.
BCIS went well - we took a survey that lasted half of the class and I was able to get some homework done before we started our lesson. I managed to keep up, only getting lost once because I couldn't figure out why the relationship that I was trying to set between tables wasn't working.
World Lit was okay - I didn't read the play, and therefore couldn't contribute to the very little discussion that was happening. We did, however, watch a movie that I only fell asleep for five minutes during, so that's good. We're reading "Hedda Gabler" by Henrik Ibsen, which is a contemporary play that isn't Shakespeare, so I like it already.
After arriving home, I layed down for a nap for about two hours, and sat around for another hour after I woke up.
I ended up dragging Rachel to WalMart to get our $10 changed into ones (the cashier for Customer Service said "All in ones? I guess..." when I made my request), and then our TON of laundry to the laundromat, where I proceeded to actually finish doing the towels, blankets, and our actual clothes; I spent a good $10 washing and drying everything.
Afterward we went to WalMart where we shopped for healthy food instead of junk, and ended up talking to four members of my family on my cell phone while I was there.
Dad met us up there so we could use his card and we all came back here so we could eat and visit.
Dad cooked dinner, Rachel went for a small walk, and I played with Fang outside in a tree, showered, then ate with the other two.
I finished laundry afterward, and have yet to put mine away.
I played hours of KHII afterward and added a new blog entry to the adventures blog (http://kimbraskhiiadventures.blogspot.com/), and went to bed at around four.

All I've done today is wake up, be online and catch up in BCIS. I should start reading for History (have to do the quiz tonight) and put away my laundry.
I will most likely only put away my laundry before I go in to work.
I work from 5:30 to close today, and am off for the next two days.

I'm going to my grandma's tomorrow after classes, and after I get my stupid taxes done (which will happen AFTER I relocate my W2 form), and will be staying there for the night, and returning Thursday sometime.

Friday I have the one class, and work from 5:30 to close (I originally had it off, but since I have so few hours this week I leapt at the chance for an extra shift).
Saturday I work, and Sunday I'm supposed to have off for our group project thing for Film App.

Also, I'm changing.
I think it's for the better, which is nice; I hate changing for the worst, and am getting sick of those changes.
- I haven't had anything to drink for a month, and my body has finally, FINALLY stopped craving alcohol. Now it's up to me to keep this trend going.
- I'm returning to church and plan on attending a Singles class on Sunday, followed by the 11 a.m. contemporary service. I find it ironic that I'm going back for the first time in years on Easter Sunday. (it is also ironic that I'm making changes, and my horoscope says that it's time to head in the direction those changes take me.)
- I'm trying to eat more healthy. I actually bought carrots for myself, and ate a few; I don't like carrots. I also found some yogurt that I like without chunks in it, which is awesome.
Even though these changes aren't huge or life changing, I feel like I'm taking a step in the right direction. And who knows? Maybe they will be life changing in the end.

Y'all have a great week : )



50 Things About Me - 2010 Edition

1) My name is Kimbra
2) I’m 21 years old.
3) I have a younger sister.
4) I live in my mother’s house
5) My parents are divorced
6) I have a strained and awkward relationship with my dad, but am very close to my mom and sister.
7) My family means the universe to me.
8) My friends mean the world to me
9) I’m not very religious, but I believe in God.
10) I love music, and am always surprised by its ability to speak to me.
11) I am a huge Harry Potter nerd, and have a costume and a few t-shirts in my closet.
12) I’m a Pok√©mon master.
13) I like video games that seem easy enough to beat, but get discouraged from playing them when they get too hard.
14) I am open minded, and don’t judge people by their religious beliefs, sexuality, political beliefs, etc.
15) The smallest things bring joy to my daily life.
16) I like good surprises.
17) I am an honest person… most of the time.
18) I think that a lot of problems can be solved with openness, honesty and communication.
19) I don’t care too much about politics, and sometimes feel that I should care more.
20) I’m basically a walking, talking oxymoron.
21) I can be pretty self-centered at times
22) Sometimes I have to remind myself that other people have feelings, and a life that I’m only a small part of.
23) I’m on a lot of social networking websites
24) I make Youtube videos.
25) I use smiley faces all of the time, but rarely flirt using them.
26) I’m out of practice at the whole “dating” thing.
27) I feel an incredible amount of pressure to be a responsible young adult.
28) I don’t find jokes about rape or bodily functions funny.
29) I can’t watch scary or gory movies; I get nightmares and/or get sick.
30) I wear my heart on my sleeve, and am easily read. I don’t like either one, but I don’t think it will ever change.
31) I don’t have a favorite food. Instead, I get food obsessions.
32) I don’t like vegetables, Chinese food, or bananas.
33) I don’t believe in love at first sight.
34) My favorite animal is the Owl, and they became my favorite upon falling in love with Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl. Too bad she had to die… stupid J.K. Rowling (<3).
35) I’m an impatient person.
36) I like spontaneity.
37) As far as colors go, my favorite is purple, followed closely by blue, followed closely by metallic purple and metallic blue, and silver, and the color combination of purple and white. … I guess I just like colors.
38) I blog every few days, and have been doing so since I was fifteen; it’s my way of keeping track of myself, making sure of who I am and releasing the day’s thoughts, events and frustrations.
39) I try not to have regrets – whatever bad I have done is past, and there’s no point in dwelling upon it.
40) I’m curious, and a bit nosy, so I ask a lot of questions. If it gets to you let me know – I’ll try not to ask so many.
41) I really like Disney movies, so much that it’s hard to choose an actual favorite.
42) I’m in college right now, but have only the vaguest of ideas as to what I’ll do once I’m out.
43) I have a weird sense of humor and am easily amused, which leads to a lot of smiles and a lot of laughing.
44) I have way too many favorite movies, books, and songs to list them out – we would be here for the rest of our lives if I did.
45) I have a drive to help people, and feel sad when I can’t.
46) I’m here to listen – all you have to do is ask me to.
47) I have been in love.
48) I have a short temper, and get mad fairly easily. Luckily, I get over it just as fast.
49) When I get frustrated, I cry.
50) Despite the fact that I’m growing up, I am still a child at heart and hope that I stay that way for a long time.


Good Day

I'm going to update really quick about the few cool and exciting things that happened the past couple of days (well, they're cool and exciting to me...).

Friday I had the one class, came home, ended up napping until an hour before work.
Work went well last night.

Today is full of different surprises.
I went to my one three hour class today; I talked with the two guys that I normally talk to, and met another one that I talked to the first couple of classes - I don't think he likes me very much, but he accepted my Facebook friend request (out of obligation, mainly) anyway.
I froze the entire class, which wasn't so exciting, but talking to the aforementioned fellas was; we started brain storming for our final project, which is to direct and act out a children's story. I volunteered to co-write the script, because I do, indeed, write.
Dude, maybe I could submit it to script frenzy!? Hmm. (We'll see about this; I'm intentionally avoiding script frenzy at the moment for non-specified reasons.)
After getting out of class, I welcomed the warmer weather with open arms; I took off my jacket as I walked, feeling the sun on my exposed arms.
The wind was crazy, but I didn't care.
I called mom, then made my way to QT for a cappuccino; I needed coffee if I wanted to stay awake any longer.
While gulping down my coffee, I drove to another gas station (all the while driving with my windows down and Goo Goo Dolls blasting) and put $20 worth of gas in my tank, noticing that the guy behind the register was one of my friends during my sophomore or junior year of high school that I hadn't seen in years.
I drove out to the post office afterward and shipped the 72 books that I found to the Mississippi Delta area (http://www.thehpalliance.org/accio-books/ <--- CLICK IT!), awarding Hufflepuff 175 points.
After getting home, I settled into bed and made a Youtube video, only to be disturbed by my aunt not too long after I finished filming.
It's okay, though, because she let Rachel and I tag along and go to the movies with her, Owen and his friend to see "How to Tame Your Dragon," which was REALLY cute and pretty awesome in 3D.
After getting home, I had Rachel help me level up in KHII and I fell asleep on the couch.
When I woke up, Ethan and Mary were here and leaving, and Rachel was napping in mom's bed.
I did a load of dishes and came in here to do some homework, and knocked a good portion out before passing out on the couch again; this beautiful spring day and it's noises were relaxing and soothing - a perfect day to have off work.
Rachel and I eventually chose to watch Fantasia, and are in the beginning portion at the moment. Love this movie.
And this brings you up to date.

Great day.
I hope y'all's days are going just as smoothly : )



This may not make sense.

I don't know what it is; I can't figure out how to word things today, or really what to talk about.
But I'll figure it out.

Yesterday I went to classes, ran arrands with my mom and sister, and spent the rest of the night hanging out with my family.
It was a lot of fun, even though all we did was watch TV and eat dinner.

Today I had nothing to do, so I slept until 3 (which was an accident; I only wanted to sleep until one).
I got ready eventually, got the books together for the HP alliance accio book drive (http://www.thehpalliance.org/accio-books/) <--- click the link!!!, wrote down the address to send said books, got our laundry together, and when dad got here Rachel, he and I went up to the laundromat.
After I washed Rachel and I's clothes, we left, came home to drop off the laundry, and went to The Avenue for some jeans. I didn't find any; all of their jeans are really weird and I couldn't find what I usually wear.
We got dad a little later and dropped him off here, and headed to Wal Mart for groceries.
We saw the nearly claw empty machine upon walking in, and upon trying it I won a stuffed penguin on my first try - I was super excited.
After wandering around for an hour, picking groceries and having them rung up, I realized that my wallet wasn't on me. I hauled it to my car and, thankfully, found it in the floor board and was able to pay for the groceries.
After paying, I realized that I didn't get change for Rachel and went to customer service to wait, bumping into an old friend in line; we awkwardly caught up, and then I excused myself because he suggested that I try Subway to get change, sooo I did.
That didn't work either, so Rachel used the only dollar bill I had to try to get a stuffed animal and didn't win; she was a bit disappointed.
After we got home, I continued doing laundry, we ate dinner and Brandon came over to do our quiz.
When he left, I did the whole shower/shave my legs thing and haven't done anything of substance since.

Tomorrow I have my one 8 a.m. class, and then I plan on attempting to go to the post office to ship the books to the Mississippi Delta area.
We'll see how tired I am, though... May have to wait until Saturday.
Then I should probably go do our blankets at the laundromat, because I really don't want to do them tomorrow night after work or on Saturday, which is my fourth day off.
We'll see how tomorrow goes... Again, I may be too tired to actually be productive before work.

I'm plagued at the moment with thoughts about the past and how it affects the present and will inevitably affect the future.
Personally, I choose to think of the three as completely different time frames that stand alone and have nothing to do with each other, but despite that I know that my thoughts aren't the case; the past directly affects the future, and whether it's for the better or worse depends on the situation.
One particular situation stands out, and I can't help but fear that it will directly affect things in my life right now, or relationships with people that I would like to stay in good terms with.
It's partially my fault, I'm aware; I can't let things go sometimes, and other times my feelings get the better of my brain which leads to uncomfortable circumstances. I realize these things, but I don't think that I can control it; I'm a firm believer that feelings can't be controlled, no matter how much people want to try reining them in. However, I do think that I can work on toning them down, which I am only happy to do.
(I honestly don't know where that last bit came from, but I'll leave it since it seems to fit.)

I also think about my recently failed friendship almost daily, which sucks; I want to let that go. I don't want to be haunted by that anymore, and I don't want to care. It's stupid that something that isn't even an issue anymore still bothers me (this statement applies to SEVERAL things. Ugh).

I dont' know. I guess I kind of wish that I could turn certain bits of my brain off for awhile and focus on other things, but if I could do that then life would be too easy.

My grandma is FINALLY out of the hospital; she called my cell phone from home, and I have never been more happy to see "Mamaw" come up on my background.
We talked for a minute and she informed me that she feels really good, but that today she's really tired so she had to use her cane.
I'm relieved - I was so worried about her. I'm going to try to see her at some point soon; may go down there this coming Wednesday and stay until Thursday night. We'll see.

This is certainly a long post for someone that had no idea what to say...
I suppose that I'll go now.



Keeping Busy

So I concluded my spring break with the weekend, which wasn't too busy.

Friday Rachel and I went to another mall and wandered around for a good 2 1/2 hours.
We went to a good amount of shops...
Toy stores, the Disney store, Hot Topic, an Asian Culture store, the book store (I thought I would never get out of there. Ever.), and other random shops.
It was a great day, despite getting lost on the way there, and despite forgetting how to get home.
Whenever we got home, we rounded up the laundry and took it to my aunt's, where we proceed to wash it and play a trivia game with my cousin.
It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we all finally got to hang out; I missed him.
He fed us Chilli dogs that made me feel like I was going to die but were oh so very good, and we headed home shortly after because our laundry was done.
I spent the rest of the night playing KHII and drying our clothes, ending up in bed by 4 a.m.

Saturday and Sunday were about the same; I slept in until an hour or so before work, and went to work. When I got home, I played KHII or did random stuff on the internet.
No, I haven't worked out in two weeks, and this is why I don't mention it... I've gotten so lazy : /

Yesterday I went to classes for the first time in a week and found out that I kind of really missed them.
History was rough due to the limited attention span and tiredness that haunted me until I took my nap.
BCIS wasn't hard at all; I finished the assignments that we should have done by Wednesday during the twenty minutes at the end of class.
W Lit wasn't hard, either; I basically caught up with everyone while trying to keep focussed and discuss Othello, and found out that we have a test in there tomorrow. Oh joy.
I came home and took a nap afterward, and when I woke up hung out with my sister for a bit...
We played I Spy because I found an amazing book with several puzzles in it.
Then we visited with my uncle who dropped by to check on us.
Theeen we went to Wal Mart, letting dad come with us since he arrived.
When we got home, we started cleaning mom's room (taking a break to eat) and ended up spending the rest of the night in there. I didn't mind that; her room looks amazing.
We played I Spy a bit more and went to bed around 5 a.m.

Today all I've done is wake up and shower.
I work from 2:30 to close. Fuuun.

My grandma is doing a lot better (she was in the hospital, was fixed, released, and had to go back because she was bleeding out of her stoma [hole in her throat]); they performed surgery on her heart to fix the stints in it, and she says she's a lot better and that she feels the worst is over. I hope so; I want her to get better.
I would also like for my mom to come home and stay for awhile, but I know that Mamaw needs her more. She comes home tomorrow for a day or so though, so that's exciting!!!

Okay, I'm going to go; need to get ready for work.
have a great week!



Spring Break

My break doesn't really feel like a break.
I haven't done very much (or, that's what it feels like) besides work.
Sure, I stay up extremely late, but that is almost the same as every other night.
But I'll leave it at that and recount some fun things (other than work) that have happened this break.

Sunday I worked.
Monday, Rachel and I spent the entire day together. We woke up around one in the afternoon and were ready to head out by two. After going to Home Depot and getting keys made, we tried going to the gas station and ended up having to take a detour. We came back to the house and tried the keys, finding out that only one would work. So instead of getting too bent out of shape about it we went to the gas station and drove to the mall, where we spent two glorious hours wandering around. She and I had never done that before, and it was fun to get excited with someone about the Candy store and it's colorful candy, playing duck hunt, having to stop at EVERY jewlery stand, stuffed armadillos, the amazing stuff at earth bound, Oo and Ahh over Hot Topic's items, and just... be really silly with. I hadn't done that in awhile, and it felt good. After the mall we went by the movie place and FINALLY returned one of the movies I rented two or three weeks before that. When we got home, we hung around the house; I started my Kingdom Hearts Adventures, and started blogging about them that very same night. I know, I'm a nerd - it's part of what I like about myself. The blog can be found here: http://kimbraskhiiadventures.blogspot.com/
Tues-thurs I worked, and played Kingdom Hearts beforehand.
After work is when the adventures take place.
I hung out with Andy and Rachel one night.
Andy and Alex came over the other night, and we watched "Why Did I Get Married?" It was really good.
John came over tonight, and we watched "Paper Hearts."
Other things happened that were fun and exciting on these nights, but that about sums them up...
Need to keep some things to myself, right?

I'm a bit jealous of some people's breaks; it just seems like others are more carefree than I am.
I'm jealous that they're drinking, too. I don't want to be, but I am. I don't want to envy them for something that I know could lead to my ultimate destruction (how dramatic!).
I don't know whether or not I've posted it here, but I'm not drinking anymore. This choice was made when I realized that my body was starting to /crave/ alcohol. Well, and when I came to the conclusion that I make a total ass of myself, do stupid things, and feel like a total stranger to myself for a week afterward. So, I'm not drinking anymore. Here's why. Get off of my ass about it.
That's another thing that's bothering me. People ask me to drink, and act like it's CRAZY when I dont' want to. Or act like it's them. It's not you, stupid. it's me. So shut up.

I guess i'm getting really tired and cranky...
doesn't help that I'm stuck in this game right now...
Okay, I may go to sleep soon; I want to be rested and ready for my wonderful day off! : D



The Last Week

I know I haven't updated this blog in two weeks, maybe more, but just know that these past two weeks have been hellish and busy...
I've been busting my butt with assignments for school, reviews, and exams, while trying to work more hours than usual. It was hard, but I did alright.
I got 100% on a paper for World Lit, and a 92% on our test in there. I got a 93% on my BCIS test. I have no idea how I did on my History test, and haven't been doing well on the quizzes as of late. I got a 100% on my two page Film Appreciation essay, and have a good feeling about the test I took for that today.
Work is fine; normal, every day stuff happens there. I mean, sure, there are the rare surprises that take place, like half of my coworkers calling me Rocky Balboa (which will be explained later), my manager giving me a delicious apple, and the couple that came in and discussed preparations for a pony party with me, but it's usually the normal stuff.
There is no way to update you about my life without leaving you with a hurrendously long blog, so here's a halfhearted attempt at recapping.
I got into a fist fight with another girl, and she left scratches on my face. Upon hearing my story, my coworkers concluded that I am "gangsta," have "established street cred," and that I am "Rocky Balboa." I heard several jokes over the course of last weekend in regard to the fight. Every time I mention the fact that I got into a fight, people ask "Did you kick her ass?" "I tried," is always my answer; my sister broke us up, so we really don't know who won. The scratches have faded and I have one scar, which can be covered up by makeup and will fade with time.
I saw my family on Wednesday/Thursday of this week, and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. Yes, this trip did feel rushed because I had to get back in time for classes and work, but I loved seeing them.
I'm finally on spring break after taking a ton of tests, and I've started reading "Dear John," which is REALLY good. I plan on having a ton of mini adventures throughout this break, whether it be looking for the nearest Dairy Queen, going to the mall, going to a scenic place or two, or going to a museum - the possibilities are endless though my time is limited; I work the majority of my break. Blah.

Okay, I think this is a sufficient update. I'll try to do better with keeping this thing up.

Have a great week!