50 Things About Me - 2010 Edition

1) My name is Kimbra
2) I’m 21 years old.
3) I have a younger sister.
4) I live in my mother’s house
5) My parents are divorced
6) I have a strained and awkward relationship with my dad, but am very close to my mom and sister.
7) My family means the universe to me.
8) My friends mean the world to me
9) I’m not very religious, but I believe in God.
10) I love music, and am always surprised by its ability to speak to me.
11) I am a huge Harry Potter nerd, and have a costume and a few t-shirts in my closet.
12) I’m a Pokémon master.
13) I like video games that seem easy enough to beat, but get discouraged from playing them when they get too hard.
14) I am open minded, and don’t judge people by their religious beliefs, sexuality, political beliefs, etc.
15) The smallest things bring joy to my daily life.
16) I like good surprises.
17) I am an honest person… most of the time.
18) I think that a lot of problems can be solved with openness, honesty and communication.
19) I don’t care too much about politics, and sometimes feel that I should care more.
20) I’m basically a walking, talking oxymoron.
21) I can be pretty self-centered at times
22) Sometimes I have to remind myself that other people have feelings, and a life that I’m only a small part of.
23) I’m on a lot of social networking websites
24) I make Youtube videos.
25) I use smiley faces all of the time, but rarely flirt using them.
26) I’m out of practice at the whole “dating” thing.
27) I feel an incredible amount of pressure to be a responsible young adult.
28) I don’t find jokes about rape or bodily functions funny.
29) I can’t watch scary or gory movies; I get nightmares and/or get sick.
30) I wear my heart on my sleeve, and am easily read. I don’t like either one, but I don’t think it will ever change.
31) I don’t have a favorite food. Instead, I get food obsessions.
32) I don’t like vegetables, Chinese food, or bananas.
33) I don’t believe in love at first sight.
34) My favorite animal is the Owl, and they became my favorite upon falling in love with Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl. Too bad she had to die… stupid J.K. Rowling (<3).
35) I’m an impatient person.
36) I like spontaneity.
37) As far as colors go, my favorite is purple, followed closely by blue, followed closely by metallic purple and metallic blue, and silver, and the color combination of purple and white. … I guess I just like colors.
38) I blog every few days, and have been doing so since I was fifteen; it’s my way of keeping track of myself, making sure of who I am and releasing the day’s thoughts, events and frustrations.
39) I try not to have regrets – whatever bad I have done is past, and there’s no point in dwelling upon it.
40) I’m curious, and a bit nosy, so I ask a lot of questions. If it gets to you let me know – I’ll try not to ask so many.
41) I really like Disney movies, so much that it’s hard to choose an actual favorite.
42) I’m in college right now, but have only the vaguest of ideas as to what I’ll do once I’m out.
43) I have a weird sense of humor and am easily amused, which leads to a lot of smiles and a lot of laughing.
44) I have way too many favorite movies, books, and songs to list them out – we would be here for the rest of our lives if I did.
45) I have a drive to help people, and feel sad when I can’t.
46) I’m here to listen – all you have to do is ask me to.
47) I have been in love.
48) I have a short temper, and get mad fairly easily. Luckily, I get over it just as fast.
49) When I get frustrated, I cry.
50) Despite the fact that I’m growing up, I am still a child at heart and hope that I stay that way for a long time.

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