The Last Week

I know I haven't updated this blog in two weeks, maybe more, but just know that these past two weeks have been hellish and busy...
I've been busting my butt with assignments for school, reviews, and exams, while trying to work more hours than usual. It was hard, but I did alright.
I got 100% on a paper for World Lit, and a 92% on our test in there. I got a 93% on my BCIS test. I have no idea how I did on my History test, and haven't been doing well on the quizzes as of late. I got a 100% on my two page Film Appreciation essay, and have a good feeling about the test I took for that today.
Work is fine; normal, every day stuff happens there. I mean, sure, there are the rare surprises that take place, like half of my coworkers calling me Rocky Balboa (which will be explained later), my manager giving me a delicious apple, and the couple that came in and discussed preparations for a pony party with me, but it's usually the normal stuff.
There is no way to update you about my life without leaving you with a hurrendously long blog, so here's a halfhearted attempt at recapping.
I got into a fist fight with another girl, and she left scratches on my face. Upon hearing my story, my coworkers concluded that I am "gangsta," have "established street cred," and that I am "Rocky Balboa." I heard several jokes over the course of last weekend in regard to the fight. Every time I mention the fact that I got into a fight, people ask "Did you kick her ass?" "I tried," is always my answer; my sister broke us up, so we really don't know who won. The scratches have faded and I have one scar, which can be covered up by makeup and will fade with time.
I saw my family on Wednesday/Thursday of this week, and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. Yes, this trip did feel rushed because I had to get back in time for classes and work, but I loved seeing them.
I'm finally on spring break after taking a ton of tests, and I've started reading "Dear John," which is REALLY good. I plan on having a ton of mini adventures throughout this break, whether it be looking for the nearest Dairy Queen, going to the mall, going to a scenic place or two, or going to a museum - the possibilities are endless though my time is limited; I work the majority of my break. Blah.

Okay, I think this is a sufficient update. I'll try to do better with keeping this thing up.

Have a great week!

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