A Little Different

Before going into an explaination of that title, I will feel free to update you about the past few days.
Yes? Yes.
Maybe you'll get a feel of the explaination before I actually launch into it.

Sunday I was supposed to be at work by 3.
I woke up to a phone call AT THREE THAT AFTERNOON asking me if I was awake.
Of course I wasn't - I slept through my THREE alarms that I set, and for some reason heard my phone HOURS later.
I called Brandi back, then called work to talk to my boss and let him know I was on my way.
I got 1/2 a point, because I'm a loser. Oh well.
I got there 30 minutes later, and worked the closing shift.
It was one of the worst shifts I've had in awhile.
I was stuck in Floral, which is the area that seems to recieve only half of the attention it needs (not to undermine people's jobs, or say that they never do a good job - our customers are pretty messy and I'm sure it's their fault more than anyone elses) (not to blame our customers either - I love you guys.) (time to shut up and move on before I make this hole any deeper) and was the backup on register.
I was disoriented from waking up and basically apparating to work (Harry Potter joke; obviously I can't do that), and hadn't eaten so I was feeling weaker than usual.
It's okay though - I went outside on my break to enjoy the beautiful weather, listen to music, stuff my face with goldfish crackers and collect myself. It worked! Fifteen minutes later I was back inside and ready to work, though still stressed out because I was fully aware of how little time I had left to finish my job.
We closed at 7, and I didn't finish until 7:30.
Then we put away all of the go backs besides scrap booking, leaving ourselves with a ton of paper and stickers for the end.
We saved our Clearance section for last also, and Brandi and I ended up tidying that up (thanks girl - I appreciate it).
We got out of there at 8:30, which wasn't too bad considering the fact that we did an awesome job that night.
I learned a few things that night - 1) I need to work faster, 2) I need to have them put me on my weaker side a little more often, and 3) I should probably stop staying up so late so that I can wake up at a decent hour and not be late for work on days that I go in before 5:30. Yup.
After I got home, I did homework and sat on the internet for awhile.
I realized that I couldn't do half of my BCIS because I didn't have the files, got distracted when it came time to read the play for World Lit, and ended up completing my History maps only to not really study them. Yes, Sunday was a ..GREAT.. day.
I went to bed around 2 Monday morning.

Monday I woke up late, as usual, only to get ready really fast and leave for classes.
We took our quiz in History, and I think I did better than I thought I would. Yeah, I got a 70 on it instead of failing; much better than I thought I would. I tried taking notes but got frustrated, as usual, half way through because she goes too fast. I payed attention the lecture, though, so that's good.
BCIS went well - we took a survey that lasted half of the class and I was able to get some homework done before we started our lesson. I managed to keep up, only getting lost once because I couldn't figure out why the relationship that I was trying to set between tables wasn't working.
World Lit was okay - I didn't read the play, and therefore couldn't contribute to the very little discussion that was happening. We did, however, watch a movie that I only fell asleep for five minutes during, so that's good. We're reading "Hedda Gabler" by Henrik Ibsen, which is a contemporary play that isn't Shakespeare, so I like it already.
After arriving home, I layed down for a nap for about two hours, and sat around for another hour after I woke up.
I ended up dragging Rachel to WalMart to get our $10 changed into ones (the cashier for Customer Service said "All in ones? I guess..." when I made my request), and then our TON of laundry to the laundromat, where I proceeded to actually finish doing the towels, blankets, and our actual clothes; I spent a good $10 washing and drying everything.
Afterward we went to WalMart where we shopped for healthy food instead of junk, and ended up talking to four members of my family on my cell phone while I was there.
Dad met us up there so we could use his card and we all came back here so we could eat and visit.
Dad cooked dinner, Rachel went for a small walk, and I played with Fang outside in a tree, showered, then ate with the other two.
I finished laundry afterward, and have yet to put mine away.
I played hours of KHII afterward and added a new blog entry to the adventures blog (http://kimbraskhiiadventures.blogspot.com/), and went to bed at around four.

All I've done today is wake up, be online and catch up in BCIS. I should start reading for History (have to do the quiz tonight) and put away my laundry.
I will most likely only put away my laundry before I go in to work.
I work from 5:30 to close today, and am off for the next two days.

I'm going to my grandma's tomorrow after classes, and after I get my stupid taxes done (which will happen AFTER I relocate my W2 form), and will be staying there for the night, and returning Thursday sometime.

Friday I have the one class, and work from 5:30 to close (I originally had it off, but since I have so few hours this week I leapt at the chance for an extra shift).
Saturday I work, and Sunday I'm supposed to have off for our group project thing for Film App.

Also, I'm changing.
I think it's for the better, which is nice; I hate changing for the worst, and am getting sick of those changes.
- I haven't had anything to drink for a month, and my body has finally, FINALLY stopped craving alcohol. Now it's up to me to keep this trend going.
- I'm returning to church and plan on attending a Singles class on Sunday, followed by the 11 a.m. contemporary service. I find it ironic that I'm going back for the first time in years on Easter Sunday. (it is also ironic that I'm making changes, and my horoscope says that it's time to head in the direction those changes take me.)
- I'm trying to eat more healthy. I actually bought carrots for myself, and ate a few; I don't like carrots. I also found some yogurt that I like without chunks in it, which is awesome.
Even though these changes aren't huge or life changing, I feel like I'm taking a step in the right direction. And who knows? Maybe they will be life changing in the end.

Y'all have a great week : )


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