Spring Break

My break doesn't really feel like a break.
I haven't done very much (or, that's what it feels like) besides work.
Sure, I stay up extremely late, but that is almost the same as every other night.
But I'll leave it at that and recount some fun things (other than work) that have happened this break.

Sunday I worked.
Monday, Rachel and I spent the entire day together. We woke up around one in the afternoon and were ready to head out by two. After going to Home Depot and getting keys made, we tried going to the gas station and ended up having to take a detour. We came back to the house and tried the keys, finding out that only one would work. So instead of getting too bent out of shape about it we went to the gas station and drove to the mall, where we spent two glorious hours wandering around. She and I had never done that before, and it was fun to get excited with someone about the Candy store and it's colorful candy, playing duck hunt, having to stop at EVERY jewlery stand, stuffed armadillos, the amazing stuff at earth bound, Oo and Ahh over Hot Topic's items, and just... be really silly with. I hadn't done that in awhile, and it felt good. After the mall we went by the movie place and FINALLY returned one of the movies I rented two or three weeks before that. When we got home, we hung around the house; I started my Kingdom Hearts Adventures, and started blogging about them that very same night. I know, I'm a nerd - it's part of what I like about myself. The blog can be found here: http://kimbraskhiiadventures.blogspot.com/
Tues-thurs I worked, and played Kingdom Hearts beforehand.
After work is when the adventures take place.
I hung out with Andy and Rachel one night.
Andy and Alex came over the other night, and we watched "Why Did I Get Married?" It was really good.
John came over tonight, and we watched "Paper Hearts."
Other things happened that were fun and exciting on these nights, but that about sums them up...
Need to keep some things to myself, right?

I'm a bit jealous of some people's breaks; it just seems like others are more carefree than I am.
I'm jealous that they're drinking, too. I don't want to be, but I am. I don't want to envy them for something that I know could lead to my ultimate destruction (how dramatic!).
I don't know whether or not I've posted it here, but I'm not drinking anymore. This choice was made when I realized that my body was starting to /crave/ alcohol. Well, and when I came to the conclusion that I make a total ass of myself, do stupid things, and feel like a total stranger to myself for a week afterward. So, I'm not drinking anymore. Here's why. Get off of my ass about it.
That's another thing that's bothering me. People ask me to drink, and act like it's CRAZY when I dont' want to. Or act like it's them. It's not you, stupid. it's me. So shut up.

I guess i'm getting really tired and cranky...
doesn't help that I'm stuck in this game right now...
Okay, I may go to sleep soon; I want to be rested and ready for my wonderful day off! : D


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