Almost forgot... Again.

Today I woke up around 2 to my cousin calling me.
I met him at the front door, let him get his gas can out of my mom's trunk, and watched he and my uncle leave.
I read a text message that I got while asleep, and allowed myself to be pulled into work two hours early.
I ate and got ready really quick, and arrived at work by 3:30.
I ended up being put to the task of making a poster for the upcoming NASCAR race, and not being too thrilled with the assignment; I'm good with specific directions, but broad directions like "Make a poster," I don't do so well.
I spent thirty minutes fretting; I didn't even know the colors of the race track that it was being held at, much less how to go about making a poster for this race!
After finding out (Thanks Cliff!) I was able to gather supplies. I spent the next three hours tracing letters from stencils, getting smudges everywhere, coloring the letters in, and slapping a ton of race car stickers onto it. I finally finished around 6:30, helped unload a U-boat of Red/White/Blue stuff, and finally did recovery/gobacks.
I was at that and was there until 10:15, when we were finally released.
Upon returning home, I visited with mom and Rachel and presented the presents that I got for Mamaw.
We ended up putting in a movie ("Small Soldiers" unfortunately; it has the WEIRDEST soundtrack ever) and I started my History quiz. I chatted with a few people, and facebooked some. Rachel and I watched "Big Daddy" after that, and I finished my quiz 1/4th of the way through "Charlotte's Web."
And here I am!
I'm actually doing a survey, but I didn't want to neglect you!

I get to wake up in three hours and go to class. Oh joy.
At least I'm off tomorrow!! : D
Have to make a storyboard, write up a resume, read through the script a million times, and figure out what homework I need to get done for Monday. Oh the joys of being a responsible college student/young adult.

Okay, I'm tired.
Have a good day!


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