I commit to this idea and am determined to create something EVERY DAY in April, including weekends. Every day, I will find something to say. I embrace the reality that there is always something to talk about, if you are willing to take the time to look for it.

I Kimbra promise to blog every day in April.

(we will just pretend that since I haven't slept yet it's still the 1st.)

Last year in April of 2009, Youtubers and Nerdfighters alike from around the globe participated in "Blog Every Day in April (BEDA)," and from what I remember it was a huge success.
This year, even though it doesn't seem as big, I'm doing it.
I blog semi-regularly anyway, so what could blogging every day hurt?
If anything it will improve my writing and show you that I think about things that are deeper than what I usually talk about.
We'll see.

My day yesterday didn't go as planned at all.
I did attend classes, and they were quite normal...
In History we watched a video and filled in blanks as we watched it, in BCIS we learned more about Microsoft Access, and in World Lit we discussed Hedda Gabler.
When I got home from classes, I ended up waiting on Rachel for an hour (we were supposed to leave for my grandma's) and passed out while I waited.
After were finally able to go (I did dishes, put the trash on the curb, made sure the cats had food and water, and made sure they were all inside for the night), I had to run errands to QT and 7-11. After finally getting onto the highway and traveling for 30 minutes, my car broke down. Let me say this again. It broke down. On the highway. In the left hand shoulder. So I'm on the phone with my mom, freaking out, trying to figure out what to do, and after trying to proceed I finally took her advice to get off of the highway.
I was stranded three or four times during this stretch of time, having to honk at people because I could feel my car going out again.
Once I found an exit, I was STILL on the highway, but a different part. So what do I do? I pull over into the left shoulder AGAIN, and stare at an exit that is three lanes away, during a time where people could come whizzing down the highway.
After making several phone calls (a few to mom, a few to dad), I managed to reverse my car, get off the highway, and make it a mile down the road to an intersection that dad knew.
I pulled into a McDonalds and bought ice cream cones for Rachel and I, along with a large diet coke that I thought we were going to share but ended up drinking half of it before leaving it. Whoops.
He stopped at an autoparts store on the way to get us, but didn't know which part to get. He picked us up, drove us to the autoparts store where we picked up a fuel pump and fuel additive, to WalMart for tools and then back to McDonalds for my car. Then we went BACK to WalMart so he could work on the car, and met a homeless man that lives out of his truck. He was nice enough to assist dad a little, and in return dad jumped his car.
When dad finished working on my car, I drove around and it seemed to be doing just fine.
On the highway and roads near home, however, it started trying to stall as I accelerated, leveling out at 40 mph. Great.
So I called my mom (who had been on the phone with me off and on all day) and she told me that my aunt no longer needed her car, so I was able to talk my aunt into letting me have it back.
Whenever we finally got home after our Hellish day, we settled in and started eating dinner.
My aunt came by and took me to the car, driving us another 40 minutes away, and I had to drive the other 40 minutes back.
I was exhausted.
But not too exhausted to skip out on playing KHII, which I played 2 or 3 hours of once I got home.
I went to bed late, and woke up at 9 to my aunt leaving gas money on my desk.
After falling asleep, I woke up to my sister at 12 telling me that my alarms were going off.
I sat up and was immediately scared because I thought I had to work or go to classes.
I didn't, so I flopped back into bed and tried sleeping, until I heard "Ethan is here!"
I woke up and hung out with my sister and cousin for a few more hours, only excusing myself to shower.
I chilled on my couch with my laptop in my lap while they played WoW.
I took Ethan home when the time came, came back home, and after another couple of hours Rachel and I went and did our laundry.
Afterward we went to Family Video, where we rented a few movies.
Then we came back home and were joyously lazy.
I chatted with a few people and sat on Youtube for awhile.
I'm actually watching videos now (www.youtube.com/unculturedproject) and am obsessed with the UnculturedProject and plan on watching all of his videos within the next few days...
What he's doing is amazing. And it makes me want to help.

Okay, that's sufficient enough for tonight.
You'll hear about the rest of my day later.


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