Cirque Du Freak

Not much went on today.
I slept until 1, took a half shower, sat on the couch and chatted with my sister, her boyfriend, and eventually my mom.
I worked from 5 to 10; it was a decent night.
I went to my friend Kyle's house afterward, and took him to buy his "birthday cake."
We got a Boston Cream Pie cake thing, and it was sooo soo very good. I wanted to bring it home, actually, but I bought it for him; it's the only present I can really give him.
I stayed there until around 11, came home, and started studying. I don't feel like I've gotten much done, and it's 4 a.m. Jeeze.
I need to go and finish at least reading through my review; it's 3:40 a.m. and I have a test at 8. Fun...
At least I get to nap tomorrow.


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