Don't Worry!

Don't worry! I didn't forget to update again in order to actually do BEDA!
(I know you weren't as worried as I was, but still).

Today I slept through my only class and recieved an a 0 on a quiz that was due.
I woke up at 2, freaked out, emailed my quiz to my professor (who hasn't responded) and lazed about in bed for a few hours.
I went to work, had a bad night, saw Kimmi which made it better, and finally got home around 9:45.
I haven't done anything since - just sat down on my desktop preparing to film a video.

I am in a foul mood at the moment.
It could be any number of things, and I'm hoping it goes away soon.
Maybe I'm tired. I should probably go to bed soon.

There are several things about the human race at the moment that are bothering me.
Like that doctor who put a sign in his window saying that he doesn't help Obama supporters.
Or that "Christian" group who protests SOLDIERS FUNERALS.
And then there's that school in BFE refusing to let a lesbian student to attend.
Why can't we all just get past our differences and get along?

Okay, I'm done for today.
Not a whole lot to say.


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