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I didn't fall asleep this morning until 4 a.m. because I just /wasn't/ tired.
I woke up at 8:15 to a weird dream and a creepy 30 Seconds to Mars song and got ready for church/film class.
I went to Sunday school, and it was severely awkward. I thought it was getting better at one point because I started talking to a couple of people, but it didn't - the temporary sunday school teacher seemed really uncomfortable.
At 10:30 we were released, and I swapped my church shirt for a black tank top with my jacket over it, and drove to pick Chris up.
We met up with Eric1, Eric2, and Kris in order to film our movie for Film Appreciation, and ended up with a ton of footage by around 2.
We went to Fuzzy's again and ate lunch together, after which Kris took his leave.
Eric1, Eric2, Chris and I continued filming, and finished around 4:30.
We reviewed some clips, and left around 5:30.
I dropped Chris off at home and arrived home around 45 minutes later, and sat in my bed with my laptop, only to pass out for an hour until my mom arrived with a really awesome coffee.
I ended up playing "Sorry" with dad, Rachel and Ben, was decimated once and won once.
Ben and dad left shortly after, and I started my History quiz around that time.
And we're watching Winnie the Pooh movies right now, which is where this awesome quote that is the title of this blog was pulled from.
And that's all.

Also, this post would have been up before midnight had I not decided to work on my History quiz. hah.


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