I almost forgot... Again.

Last night after I settled in, one of my friends texted me and wanted to know whether or not I want to see him get a tattoo.
I ended up going with him to a place called "Psycho Clown," where the guys were kind of jerks, they played a creepy movie involving a circus, and it was small and cramped. But it had strobe lights and interesting art, so that's cool.
After I got home I watched TV with my mom and sister, and went to bed late.

Today was actually a really good day.

I woke up around 9:30 to get ready for church, and I arrived at 11.
I sat with Rae's mom again, and a couple more of her family members.
I sang today - I stepped out of that cone of silence that comes with being uncomfortable and I sang. Not loudly, but it was there.
After church I rushed home, and ended up going shopping with mom. We went to Ross, Pet Co (for cat food), Good Will (found my red hoodie and an owl!), and WalMart (got a multimedia shelf for all of these movies we got at around Christmas).
After shopping, Mom and I came home, and I went back to bed for a few hours.
After waking up I reheated some chicken, ate, worked on my History quiz, took pictures of myself (because I'm kind of vain?), went to WalMart, and came back to finish my quiz, all the while hanging out with my sister (and I watched a ton of kid cartoons).
Now I'm procrastinating the whole sleep thing, because I'm not that tired.

So that giddy feeling I mentioned yesterday?
Still here.
Don't know what it is, but I like it : )


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