I talk about myself way too much...

I'm starting to have an overload.
I think it's fine for me to post spontanious blog posts about random occurences in my day, but this BEDA thing is getting ridiculous.
I'm only halfway through -_-
It doesn't help that I just filmed a vlog...
I'm drained of self for right now : /

I went to my one class today, and slept for awhile.
I threw a fit when my sister's boyfriend showed up out of nowhere.
I did some homework.
Went with Rachel to do our laundry.
Watched Tv with her.
Did dishes.
Filmed a video (that took two hours).
And here I am.

I know. My life is interesting.
This random guy started chatting Rachel and I up at the laundromat, and his opening line was "Do you think you two could watch my laundry and put it in the dryer when it's done?"
Rachel and I just stared at him, and I managed a "No, I think we're okay. Thanks, though."
He talked with us for a few more minutes, and it was an awkward conversation to say the least.
After that Rachel and I went shopping, and ended up getting anime/books.
Yup yup.

Okay, that's it.


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