Late Post

I am drained.
I hope I have enough mental energy to write a blog today...

I woke up after only getting three hours of sleep (I woke up later than usual, otherwise it would have been two and a half or something).
Then I went to classes...
I listened to notes in History, sat outside my BCIS classroom and eventually left and went with a guy in my class to get some food and chat, and took a test in World Lit.
After arriving home around 12:30, I made and ate a lunch, and drove mom and I to the rec center to get our taxes done.
I ended up having to come home to find the bank account number/routing number, and ended up sitting up there for another 45 minutes while they did mom's, finished mine, and reviewed both of us.
We were finished at 2:30, and I hauled it home, dropped mom off, and sped on over to work.
Work was alright; it was rather long.
I didn't even help with the truck today... I ended up putting regular items in seasonal side counters, took my lunch, took my break because people were driving me crazy, did go backs and recovery, and left at 9:30 with everyone else.
After arriving home, I grabbed dinner and sat with my dad and sister in my living room whilst on Facebook; I watched dad sleep, and watched bits and pieces of "Criminal Minds" with Rachel.
We eventually played Dominos, and I decimated the both of them. I'm quite good at that game usually.
I rearranged the movies on the movie shelves, and found out that we had multiple copies of SEVERAL movies; they were driving me insane.
And now I'm here. Tada!

I really need to clean this room... I can't stand it, but I haven't made time to.
I don't think it's happening, either; tomorrow I will be lazy until work, Friday I will work on the story board/CD Rom assignments for Film Appreciation, Saturday I have class and work, Sunday I have church and Film Group. I'm booked.
Maybe if I took "being lazy" out of the equation I might actually get other things done...
I don't see that happening at the moment, though.

I'm taking part in a series that "Existance Church" is doing (and by 'taking part' I mean that I am listening to the controversial messages that they will be going over).
So that'll be fun.

I really hope I keep changing, and for the better; it's a fun transition.
I also hope I keep getting to know people better - that's fun as well. The true test will be when classes are over - will we still talk, or are we going to drop all communication? I hope we still talk : )

I think I'm also coming to terms with who I really am. That sounds kind of cliche, so forgive me (also, forgive me for not putting the accent on the "e").
I like it, because I think that I've held back some within the past couple of years...
I felt that if I changed too much, people wouldn't want to take part in my life.
I realized that that was holding me back, so I'm not letting it; I'm doing what feels right, and if the people in my life love me, they'll go with it.

... Okay, I hope that makes sense.
I'm going to go watch a movie or something...
Something that requires less brain power.


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