Of Course It's Late...

I know it's late in terms of my BEDA post, but let's just pretend that it's the third day.
And we're all happy that I'm posting.
Even though I'm sure not very many people read this particular blog.

Not a lot has happened...
I slept through my one class yesterday, and went to work.
Today I went to Film App, watched "Raging Bull" (did not like it that much), met with my group, made plans to meet tomorrow, and came home to nap.
At 4 I got a text from my manager asking where I was, and I proceeded to call him and explain that I thought that I wasn't supposed to be there until 5:30.
Since it was already 4:05, I told him I would be there by 4:30.
Work was alright - too busy and too many kids for my taste, but alright nonetheless.

I showered once I got home, and did some BCIS homework, but didn't get very far; I have a headache and it is relentless.

Mom is coming home tomorrow night!
Aaaand I may or may not reconsider going to church in the morning.

Okay, I suppose that's all.
I don't have patience for a detailed blog.


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