An okay day.

I wasn't feeling 100% today...
I was extremely tired, kind of sad, and just wanted to stay in bed.
I slept through church, and ended up texting a couple of people upon waking up.
I talked to Rae for about thirty minutes today; I sent her a text during my very rare emotional freak out, and she called around noon or one.
After getting off of the phone with her, I browsed the internet, and ended up dragging my laptop outside because it was so beautiful. The plan was to research for my power point, but I ended up taking a picture for dailybooth and filming an almost two minute video.
Upon coming back inside, I started research again, but ended up going and buying a $400 PS3 (came with 6 games, 6 blue ray DVDs, two controllers, and a power cable thingy).
When I got back home, I watched TV with mom, then left about thirty minutes later to meet Megan.
We (Rachel, Megan and I) saw "Oceans," which honestly wasn't my cup of tea - the music and the commentary throughout put me to sleep several times.
Afterward, the three of us stood around talking for a few minutes, and parted ways.
Rachel was nice enough to cook me eggs and toast, and mom shared her nachos with me.
Now I'm about to actually knock some of this powerpoint crap out. Blah.
This assignment is dumb.


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