Quick update.

I woke up and went to classes. History – took my test (by doing an extra credit thing I brought my average up two points, and when she put my test in my grade rose to a 67% - not good, but definitely an improvement), BCIS – worked in Access and ended up doing some homework in there before my last class, World Lit – watched part of “The Importance of Being Earnest,” which was actually really entertaining. And I got chocolate chip cookies. Yum. I napped when I got home, then woke up and sat on my couch for awhile. Dad came over and cooked dinner for us. We watched “The Aviator,” took a break while he was cooking and watched “Criminal Minds” and “CSI: New York.” He left around midnight, and I did a TON of BCIS assignments, catching up on all of the Access work.

Future – Get to do laundry tomorrow, then hang out with Kimmi for the first time in weeks. May see “Why did I get Married Too?” with Alex and Andy. Friday I don’t have class, but have an assignment to do anyway, then I work. Saturday I work, and Sunday I’m supposed to get together with my film group.

There should be a new KHII post up soon, as well as a new vlog; keep a look out, eh?


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