“There are people you date “just for fun.” There are people who you spend Friday nights with and call at the beginning of the week to schedule another date, but you just go through the motions. You know in your heart that they are indeed just for fun: something to pass the time. And then suddenly, one day, you meet someone who changes it. You get scared, because as you sit through your “just for fun” date, you realize you’ve met someone who matches you. You catch yourself thinking that you could live with them, marry them, have children with them. Now I’ve never been like that: I always dated guys on more serious terms. At least… I thought they were serious terms, until I had that date with you. Suddenly, serious with them seemed like a joke. Now the scary thing is that maybe you don’t see me the same way." - Words All Yours (tmblr)

Know how this goes.

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