That's what I'm here for.

Today was long, but good.
I woke up bright and early for class, and ended up only being there for an hour; we discussed chapters and films associated with them.
I got my movie quiz from last time back, and I got a 100 on that.
We have two classes left of film appreciation... I'm really, truly going to miss that class.
When I got home I slept a little too long, showered, texted and returned phone calls.
I did some research on my power point topic (which is, ironically, time management).
I got ready and clocked in at work by 5:30; I was met with the information that we were allowed to use headsets! I felt like a secret agent with the headset on.
After work I came home, changed, ate, and headed on over to John's.
We sat on the couch talking for a few hours, catching up on the past couple of weeks.
I had a great time, and I really missed him; it's weird how I never realize how much I actually missed him until I leave. I would explain exactly how I feel, but I don't want to sound mushy and weird as I talk about my best friend.
I got home around two, and settled in on the couch with mom.
Rachel joined us, and we're chatting at the moment.

Tomorrow I have church and several other things going on, but I may cancel the other things, or rearrange them... I can't make everything work if I try to have a social life tomorrow.

This week is going to be crazy, and it's going to be hard to update at all.
But I will, because I am definitely committed to finishing this.
With a bang.
: )


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