This will be late, of course.

So it's, finally, the last day of BEDA.
I kind of wanted to go out with a bang, but really don't have that in me.
I will tell you that I failed a test today, took a rather long nap, showered, did laundry, and saw "The Back-Up Plan" with Amanda, followed by a healthier than usual meal at IHOP.
It was a good day, and I'm grateful that I got to experience it.
It was easy, and it was nice.
And I got to read my novel a bit, which is good.
I need to read some more here in a minute : )

Despite my really good day, I'm feeling rather awkward and empty.
Maybe a little lonely.
It's not a big deal - I'm used to it by now; even the better days can turn into something weird and emotional.
There really wasn't anything that triggered it, either; I just started thinking about my life at the current moment.
It's not bad - I have a loving family, a steady job, and decent classes that are ALMOST, ALMOST OVER!
There's also EDGEFEST tomorrow, which is AWESOME!
But despite these things, there are things in my life that need changing, and I need a break.
I can't wait until summer. I was torn between working two jobs, or going to school and working, but I am doing neither. I am sitting on my ass and writing and playing video games. I need this break.
Now let's see if mom goes for it. haha.

Today was a good day, and this month was an okay month.
Can't wait until tomorrow, though!!!
And I'm looking forward to not feeling obligated to update tomorrow.
I WILL do BEDA in August, though. For sure. I think I need to take another wack at it.
Okay, now I'm done.


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