Tired Easter

Today started off by me trying to ignore my alarm clock, but being woken up by my awesome friends anyway in the way of text messages.
I left my house for church around 10:30, and got lost a couple of times on the way; I almost turned around because I was so frustrated, but I felt that I needed to perservere and get there.
When I walked into my long-lost church home, I ran into my friend Megan's mom and found out that she is very sick; I felt so bad. I wanted to do something for her but I didn't know what to do.
I walked into the service late, and ended up standing next to strangers during the first song.
I found my friend Rae's mom and sat with her for the rest of the service; she gave me a REALLY big hug and cried about the fact that I showed up. It was very touching, and I enjoyed seeing her.
The service's message didn't touch me, though a video that they played did; I choked back tears several times.
After the service I saw one of the two people responsible for my Christianity, Joy, and we chatted for a minute.
I had to run along and pick one of the guys in my film class up and drive to another guy's house.
When we arrived, we weren't there for very long before we went to a taco place to eat; it was delicious.
We sat and discussed movies for about an hour, then went back to the house, which is amazing, and watched the last two rooms of the movie "Four Rooms."
Then we watched the first five minutes of "Californication." Oh the joy of seeing women's boobs that aren't my own (/sarcasm).
We talked about films and made a basic outline for our movie before the first guy and I took our leave.
An hour later, I was home.
I checked my social networking sites and ended up going into the living room to try to get my sister to go to walmart with me; I passed out on the couch for thirty minutes while waiting.
We eventually went to walmart, and when we got back John was here, so the three of us hung out. John and I wrestled again and I kept getting him into headlocks; good day. Haha.
We watched "Driving Lessons," and mom arrived during the middle of it with cupcakes and luggage, all of which was a welcome sight.
Now I'm here, about to pass out so I can wake up for classes tomorrow.
Today has been such a busy day.

Oh! And as you may know, my license was missing for a week or two. Today I looked on the kitchen table and saw an envelope with my name and address hand written on the front. When I opened it, my license fell out. Thank you, good samaritan who mailed it ot me!!


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