So many things.

So many things happened this past week.
Where do I begin?

Tuesday through Thursday I worked.
Inventory was finally over, so Tuesday's recovery went roughly; the inventory people were nice enough to count the merchandise and leave things randomly strewn everywhere. How generous. I'm glad that they found it within themselves to help me stay employed.
Wednesday's shift went well, and Thursday wasn't bad either. They both just seemed really long, which happens sometimes; it's no one's fault.

Thursday (I guess technically Friday, but whatever - the day doesn't change until I sleep)at 2 a.m., I got a text from Alex asking if I wanted to go to Dennys.
I thought about it for a minute, consulted with my family, and texted with a "Yeah, get your butt over here and pick me up."
I then texted Andy to basically force him into going, because Alex said that he "maybe" coming. I get a text back saying to come outside.
I threw on some jeans and equiped the socially-acceptable breast contraption known as a bra previously, so I grabbed my purse, double checked my make up, kissed my fellow ladies on the cheek, and dashed through the door.
The ride there was full of laughter and joy, and the Dennys experience was fun. Our waitress was awesome, and watching Alex and Andy try to see who could eat the most pancakes and end up tieing (after eating only two pancakes) was exciting. Brandon and I watched this endeavor with smiles on our faces and laughter escaping our lips. After exiting the restauraunt, we stood outside for awhile and watched Andy scare birds out of the trees, and both Alex and Andy greet strangers and bid them a good night (and a bless-ed night. Haha). They drove me home, where I hugged them goodbye and walked through my door at 4 a.m.
It was a lot of fun hanging out with them. I don't ever realize how much I truly do miss those spontaneous hangouts until they're happening. I'm definitely looking forward to more : )

Today I woke up at 8:30 a.m. to mom walking into my room and talking loudly: "KIMBRA IT'S EIGHT THIRTY, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP."
Needless to say I sat up rather quickly and dragged myself out of bed to get ready quickly.
At 9 a.m. I was sitting in my hair lady's office space in a leather chair with a magazine full of different hair styles in my lap.
Upon her arrival, I got confused and sat down in the real hair cutting chair instead of the wash-your-hair chair. After relocating, she washed my hair with her amazing shampoos and potions. When she was finished, I moved to the first chair I sat in and she began cutting my hair. My bangs are a ton shorter, and the rest of it is almost the same; I just got a trim this time, which still feels really nice.
After arriving home, I napped from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., recieving text messages throughout from whomever felt it necessary to text before noon (one was work, one was Brandon, and John texted at noon).
I woke up, got ready, ate something, wrote down directions, and headed out my door to endure the traffic before me.
After awhile of driving, I arrived at the zoo, and said hello to John.
We wandered around the zoo from 3 to 5, seeing every animal imagineable.
The white bengal tiger ran up to the glass to greet us, the kangaroo rolled over onto his back and stretched in the cutest way, huge fish greeted us within the newest exhibit, a mumbling bird talked to us for a few minutes, a bear cooled off in the water in his habitat, cougars paced, a ram posed for us, a rattle snake noise in a dark bat cave freaked us out, and all the while I was with my best friend. It was an amazing day. : )

After leaving the zoo, I battled traffic in a car without air conditioning for an hour and a half. Sweat was dripping off of me, and some got in my eye. I was on the phone with mom for awhile trying to find another route, and made it home in one piece awhile later.
I've been sitting around with my family since arriving home. I ate dinner, showered, watched TV, and watched "Love Actually" for the very first time.
It was all in all a great day, and I couldn't picture it going any differently (well, minus the traffic and few drama issues, which I will address below).

Also, I've noticed that people don't seem to take "No." for an answer. Whether it be to "want to have sex?" or "let's drink" or "let's go out - but I'm tired, no - let's go out anyway." I'm honestly really sick of it. When I say "No." to these things, I mean no. No means no. It doesn't mean "Hey, please guilt trip me because I said no to your sex/alcohol/outing. I would really enjoy that." It means "Hey, I would rather not do this for whatever reason stated, so I would rather you not push me." So back the Hell up, because I am more than done dealing with that crap.

On that wonderfully beautiful note, I am going to take my leave.
I may write, or help Rachel purge our Sims 2 game; both need to be done, really.
(It's summer. Give me a break. I can be boring if I want to : D.)

Have a lovely few days, and I'll talk to you soon.


I forgot to mention.
I've got a blog dedicated to my game play, and will be posting a recap blog soon.


A really super awesome lazy day.

Today was spectacular.
I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon and crawled out of bed.
After watching a small bit of TV and catching up on the various social networking sites that I've acquired, I made a youtube video and posted it.
After that, I changed into my tanning garments (bikini top and pajama shorts)and tanned for twenty minutes, basking in the beautiful weather. I would have felt terrible if I didn't get out for a bit today... no one should waste weather like that.
When I got inside I proceeded to work out for fifty minutes. I broke out the Wii Fit and did some Yoga (17 minutes), strength (in which I threw in 20 jack knives... ouch), random Wii Fit Plus routines (rhythem karate something or other, big top juggling, rhythem parade), and some aerobics.
I ended up on the couch playing Sims 3, watching "Criminal Minds," trying to mediate my family, and deal with my overly emotional sister.
It is honestly mentally and emotionally exhausting living in a house with two women, one of which has depression and isn't on her meds, and one of which is pmsing seemingly all of the time. I can't really talk though, since I have my own issues, but at least I try not to pawn them off on my family.
... Anyway...
After playing Sims 3 for awhile, I watched "Breakfast and Tiffanys" with mi familia, then settled in to watch a cheesy Christmas movie that I'm not in the mood for. I tried playing more Sims 3, but I'm burned out with it for now; I have too many Sims in all of my families, and don't want that to happen with the other family I have.
I kind of want to play Kingdom Hearts II or something... sitting around gets old after a few hours.
Hah. Listen to me. Complaining about my lazy day. I never thought that would happen.
I take that complaint back. I really liked today. I liked that it was full of things that I wanted to do, my family, an amazing dinner, and a couple of decent movies.
I get to work tomorrow. I may go up to campus in order to declare a major/get a degree plan under way. I want to gradute already, and I know I have a couple more semesters left before I can even think about it. Blah.
Anyyywho. I'm done. I'll write soon.



Forget Relaxation... I'll work a lot instead.

I worked four days in a row this week.
Tuesday through Friday.
I closed every shift, and it has pretty much become a blur.
There wasn't much difference from one day to the next, which is fine; I like it when nothing goes wrong.
Don't get me wrong, some days were crazy, and some days were weird, and some days were down right good. But they all were essentially the same, so there isn't much point in going into detail.
I will say that a couple of nights I worked with a girl that I happen to get along really well with, and I was laughing most of those nights.
And there were a few nights where I was on the register as well as on the floor.
And I can't answer the phone correctly to save my life. Usually I say "Thank you for holding, this is Kimbra, how can I help you?" because someone else already answered and put that person on hold. When I answer the phone first, I start saying that and quickly have to correct myself. Bummer.
I closed with the head hancho one night, and with the assistant head hancho the other night.
We're in the process of doing inventory right now; thank goodness I didn't work last night, and I don't work tomorrow. Tonight wasn't too hard.
... The end. That's the work update. Booooring.

I did film two videos earlier this week, which is more than I film most weeks.
One was a forty things about me, which I wanted to use things that no one knew about me, but I didn't... there are some things people just don't need to know. That was my 100th video.
I turned the second video into my youtube story, and that was my 101st.
I honestly didn't realize that I broke 100; I just film and upload... I don't care how many videos I post.

I've been playing a ton of Sims 3; I have one family that has five kids, and another with six. It's really really hard whenever they have so many kids, but what can ya do? Except for... not give them more kids...

I went to Michelle's 21st birthday party (at a clubhouse) yesterday, after I ran around with Andy to get ... stuff... and Michelle's presents.
At first we were the only two there; no one else could make it by six thirty.
It was supposed to be a surprise party that started at six, but we were running late.
It was alright, though; by seven quite a few more people arrived, so it went alright.
We played "Fuck Master," and I got a bit tipsy from that. After three hours, countless dixie cups full of trash can punch, multiple trips to the restroom, a few hits of hookah, and three vodka shots, I was drunk enough to almost fall out of a chair. It honestly wasn't too bad, though; I was actually able to go to the bathroom by myself throughout the night.
For those of you who don't know, I'm usually drunk by the first hour, fall a lot, and do things that make "sober me" go "There is absolutely NO way I did that. I didn't do that! *an hour later* CRAP! I DID do that!" Thankfully, I wasn't NEARLY drunk enough for all of that, and won't be hearing any bad stories within the next few days. Improvement? I think so.
I had a ton of fun last night, even though I was very apprehensive about this party. It was a good one, though.
Mom drove me home, and we arrived at 3 to Ben and Rachel playing "Just Cause." I sat up for another thirty minutes, then dragged myself to the bathroom just in case I needed to puke; I wasn't feeling well and I had a splitting headache. I ended up putting my laptop in the floor, putting my cell phone in the charger, laying down, and falling asleep for an hour. I didn't realize that I fell asleep until mom came to check on me, and when I got up I realized I was freezing; tile flooring doesn't feel good to the skin.
After mom helped me to bed, I passed out and didn't wake up until 1 this afternoon.

After waking up, I ate and hastily got ready for work (after facebooking of course).
I worked from 2 to 8 tonight, and came home.
I ate dinner and watched part of the Family Guy Star Wars movie thing, then went to the store for a few things, and walked out with the few things plus four movies.
I then went to the video store and rented three movies, and bought one. I'm well prepared for my down day tomorrow.
When I got home, we popped in "Post Grad," which is a super cute and super cheesy romantic comedy. Then we put in "UP!," which was also really super cute. And yes, I did almost cry a few times. We tried watching "Daybreakers," but mom and I couldn't watch it, so mom's friend and Rachel left to watch it. Mom and I put "Dan in Real Life" in afterward, and I honestly really really like this movie. It's such a feel good movie.
And that brings you up to date, really.

I have tomorrow off and plan on sitting in my pajamas for the entire day. I already showered, so I feel that this is completely acceptable. I need a day in which all I do is sit, and only get up to walk to the kitchen/pee, though certainly not at the same time. I may actually work out for the first time in months... I think it's time for that to start again.
I work Tuesday through Thursday, which should go just fine.
I'm off on Friday and I have tentative plans with John to hang out. I'm honestly in the mood for an adventure... I asked him if we could go to the zoo or to the gardens or something, so we'll see.
Saturday I work again, and after that I have no idea.

Having no idea is a tad scary sometimes. Like, right now, I'm sitting here thinking about how next week will go, and I can't. It's weird, isn't it? Not knowing... I guess I forget that that is the way life is. I get so wrapped up in planning, sleeping, working, going going going... I forget what it's like to just sit and enjoy the fact that life is full of possibilities. I love this feeling... this... Open feeling.

Well, now that I've had a moment, I'm going to go.
I hope you are enjoying whatever part of life you're experiencing at the moment, and I'll write soon.



Relaxation? Wow. I forgot what this was.

This past almost-a-week has been really awesome.
Before I delve into that, allow me to enlighten you about how the end of my semester went.

I recieved grades for those quizzes that I redid (100%), and recieved 100% on my extra credit paper in Film Appreciation. I also recieved 100% on my presentation/final paper, so that's awesome. I finished with an A in the class.
I've already covered History; I did a ton of extra credit and finished that class with a 70%; I made a C in that class, which means that I don't have to retake it.
In BCIS, I was freakin' stunned by our last test; apparently it was comprehensive? Not what I expected. So after suffering through that four part test (2 Bs and 2 Cs), I ended that class with a high B.
In World Lit, the test seemed harder than I thought, but I did well. I got a 92% as my end result; I suspect that she really did count the names that we remembered at the end of the semester as extra credit. I also got a 92% on my final paper, which means I finished the class with an A.
So there you have it. 2 As, a B and a C, with a 3.2something as my GPA. NOW we're talking, college!!!

As for the summer so far, I really haven't done too much.

I hung out with John the other night; he came over and we watched "Pulp Fiction" again. I realized that I didn't watch the movie all the way through the first time, and THAT'S why I was so confused; I only caught the last half. After the movie, he and I went outside and talked for a little bit, which is honestly usually the part that I look forward to the most. I love talking to him and catching up with him.

I've been eating a ton of food. Seriously, I'm like a bottomless pit lately. Except that right now I am very much way too full.

I've almost beaten Kingdom Hearts II; only technically 4 battles (though I will most likely turn them into 30 or so) and the end credits left.

I went to my grandma's this weekend, and that was fun, though we didn't do much of anything. We watched TV and snacked. Rachel watched "The Wizard of Oz" one night while I fell asleep. We watched a TON of TV; I learned what Puppy Mills are, which is a very sad thing to finally learn. I played Spider Solitair on my laptop, discovered mine sweeper, and found out that Mahjongg is on here! MAHJONGG! I'll be playing that more often. Also, I rediscovered the Sims 3, so that's super neat. Uncle Eldon checked out my car and made sure that the fluids were fine, and that there was enough air in the tires; he was even nice enough to fix my left hand blinker that burned out two weeks ago. It was a great time seeing my grandma and uncle. We came home late last night to dad being drunk in our house since mom gave him the key, but he left soon after that.

I applied to become a member of the Harry Potter Alliance's staff, and recieved an e-mail back. After sending another e-mail, I'm awaiting a reply; they didn't let me know whether or not I am part of their staff yet. I really hope I get it. It's strictly voluntary, but they do a ton of extraordinary things, and I want to help coordinate that and advertise for them. I applied to be the social networking expert, so we'll see how that goes.

As for future plans, there aren't very many. I'm just doing that it feels like I want to do. I do have something planned for Saturday; we'll see how that goes.

Currently I am itching to play the Sims 3 and watch "Oliver and Company." I may get on that, because I want to play before it gets too late. I work at 3 and can't afford to sleep in until then again.

Okay, well. I suppose that's all. See what I mean about a relaxing summer? Even though I work the next four days, I know it'll be a blast : )



Detailed Update/ALMOST DONE!

My life has actually become pretty boring.
I don't film Youtube videos lately, and I don't make time to blog as much as I want to.
I don't have much time for a social life, so I don't make time. I say no when I get invited because I have school work to do.
I've basically closed myself in the past few weeks, and that's breaking me down mentally.
I actually cried, a lot, Friday night. I cried for two hours, eventually crying myself to sleep. I cried when mom came in to check on me, and cried when Rachel came in to check on me.
Everything closed in on me, and something that shouldn't have been a huge deal broke me in half and made my heart hurt.
I'm fine right now. I was fine Saturday, though extremely drained.

Another bummer about Friday was that I had to redo ALL FIFTEEN of my movie quizzes for Film Appreciation because she gave me a 0 for them, even though I did them three weeks ago. It only took me an hour because I cheated, but I didn't feel bad about since I did it honestly the first time.

I went to my last film class on Saturday with puffy eyes and heavy eyelids.
I ended up chatting with Chris and Eric1 beforehand about "Pulp Fiction," which I had the pleasure of viewing Friday night. Honestly, that movie is too weird to even put into words, but I think I enjoyed it.
We presented our films during class, and my group went second. I'm pretty sure everyone liked our film, and a few groups felt intimidated; it really is brilliant. Keep an eye on my youtube channel.
I enjoyed seeing everyone else's movies, and loved talking with the guys; I know I will miss Chris1, Kris2, Eric1 and Eric2 a lot. They're all fun, awesome guys, and it was a pleasure to be in class with them.
I napped for a long time on Saturday, and went to work that night.
Work was fine; nothing special, like it was all week long (I worked Tuesday through Saturday).
When I got home I set to work on my History review, and stayed awake until around 4.

Sunday I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon and woke Rachel up afterward.
We ran to WalMart in order to pick up mom's Mother's Day gift(s).
I ended up buying makeup, belly button rings for my pain-in-the-ass piercing, "Avatar," live plants that mom can plant outside, a card, and a turtle pie that ended up being delicious.
When we got home, Rachel and I set to work cleaning the house. We got the dining room table cleared off, placed her gifts on it, did the dishes, cleaned the cat boxes, and vacuumed the dining room and living room.
When mom got home from Waco, she was very surprised by everything we did.
Dad cooked speghetti, and hung out with us until he left for wprk.
Mom, Rachel and I put "Avatar" in and watched it, and were blown away by its magic.
I studied for History until 4:30 in the morning, and slept until 5:30.

After waking up to a phone call from Sammi, I hopped in the shower to wake up and feel refreshed.
I read through all of the notes from this semester, trying to retain some information that I knew I would need for the final.
After arriving on campus by 7:20, I walked to Brandon's car and we studied and talked about History until 7:50, at which time we headed inside.
I pushed through the final; I knew all about the Cold War, and had retained some sort of information about everything. I also did the five point extra credit essay, and got two extra credit questions for being there on Friday. I also turned in our Graphic Organizer, which helped my average out. I ended that class with a 71% on my final, and a 70% as my average, meaning that I GOT A FREAKIN' C IN THE CLASS!! To put into perspective how awesome this is, here are my previous test grades: 64, 55, 65. That 71 kept me afloat. I retained a 65% through most of this semester, and pulled my grade up to the 71% at the last minute. Beast mode!
After History, I came home and slept until 3 or 4.
When I woke up, I started my last paper, and worked on it off and on for the rest of the night.
I watched "Avatar" again with my family, and finished my paper around 4:30.
My paper was really hard for me to write; I had to take an aspect of our novel and apply it to my daily life. I wrote about the main character's relationship with her father, which was terrible, and compared mine to hers. I wrote about my interpretation about my dad and I's relationship, starting at childhood and moving to how I feel about it now, including semi-harsh quotes from the novel to describe it. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it, and how to word it, so it took me awhile. It's not something that I like talking about very much, but something that comes up at least five times a month.
I fell asleep around 5, after reading a Cosmo magazine.

I woke up around 1 to Rachel telling me that my alarm was going off, and ended up facebooking, youtubeing, and reviewing for my power point test tomorrow.
I clocked in at work at 5:30, and worked until 10:30.
After getting home, I reviewed for BCIS a little more, and watched "Twilight" with my family since Ben had never seen it.
Now we're talking about High School Musical, Hannah Montanna, Twilight, and Oprah, because Ben doesn't know anything about any of it.
I need to stop typing up this blog post so that I can review for World Lit...
I couldn't hold off any longer; I missed documenting things, and putting events out in the open; there was too much for my brain to hold.
I'm so ready to be done. Good thing I only have TWO FINALS LEFT until it's SUMMER!

Expect a video on my channel (www.youtube.com/thenameiskimbra) tomorrow.
I also put a new 'about me' on Myspace.

Have a great week!



Feeling better.

Last night, I spent two hours crying my eyes out.
Not literally, obviously, or else I couldn't type up this blog post.
When I fell asleep finally, mom woke me up thirty minutes later and I started crying again.
I fell asleep again, and my sister came in to tell me that she was home, and I started bawling again.
I don't know exactly what happened inside of me to prompt all of the tears and sobs... I mean, right then it was like my world was ending. Now I'm left thinking "What the hell? Why did I react that way?"
I got an hour more of sleep after Rachel left my room, and woke up at 6:30 a.m. for class.
I drank two diet cokes beforehand, so I had to pee quite a few times this morning in order to get through the class... stupid bladder and caffiene.
We started off the morning by talking about grades, recieved doughnuts, and presented our films for our final. Honestly, I think ours was the best, though every film was good in it's own way. I really liked everyone else's, but ours is amazing, no lie.
When I got home around 10:30, I slept from then until four, got ready for work, and clocked in at five.
There wasn't anything exceptional about tonight, though I did work with Cliff and that aspect was fun.
We got out around 10:30.
From eleven on I worked on my History review, and I only got about halfway through.
I'm calling it a night soon, because I can only force myself to study for so long.
The final is on Monday, so I have all day tomorrow to study.
Or, today, I guess.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm fine; my mood has vastly improved, and my family situation seems a little bit better.

Goodnight : )



Edgefest 20, and then some.

So yesterday (Saturday, though it was technically Sunday... just roll with it), I accidentally slept through the last test of the semester in Film Appreciation.
I did, however, wake up at 11 a.m., which left me enough time to rush around and get ready for Edgefest.
After calling Kyle and reassuring him that I was coming, even though I would be late, I got myself ready, got Rachel ready, went by the bank, put gas in my car, bought snacks since we hadn't had time for breakfast, and finally made it to Kyle's house.
I chatted with his mom, his girlfriend (Hayley), and Andrew for a minute before we left.
I followed Andrew from here to breakfast, then to the location of the concert.
We forgot to add in traffic to the travel time, and it took almost two hours to get there.
When we arrived, we had the pleasure of wandering around, and trying to figure out where to go.
In a nutshell, we paused to use the restroom, and Rachel and I got waters.
We heard a band from Australia play (I don't remember their names, 1) because it's odd and 2) because they said "Eff that, we don't even have a name... We're just From Australia!" after they got a lovely response from "We're _____, and we're from Australia." haha).
After hearing them play, we walked to the other side of the stadium to be in the pit for Switchfoot, which was absolutely amazing; they had an awesome performance, and I was reminded of why I have a fondness for them.
After Switchfoot, Rachel and I parted from Kyle, Andrew and Hayley, and went in search of "the rainbow drink," which I later discovered was a rather expensive frozen margarita. Nom nom nom.
After that drink, we went back down the the pit to hear Flyleaf play (who I was surprised could actually scream - I had no idea), and then got a water because I was getting dehydrated and weak.
Rachel and I also took a look at the jewelery stands, and I bought us a couple of necklaces.
I relocated the trio, and Rachel and I sat with them through the performances of Metric, Deftones (who was FREAKIN' TERRIBLE live, like no lie; he was actually pretty tone deaf, it seemed - he even managed to suck up the song that made him famous), and Pheonix.
All five of us rejoined the pit for 30 Seconds to Mars, who was phenominal; he made an effort to engage his fans, wandered around the outskirts of the pit, and went up into the stands! and his songs are always good. Always. I was sad that he didn't sing their third famous single, and that he jacked with my favorite song of theirs, but the performance was awesome anyway.
Then 3 Days Grace went up on stage, and all Hell broke loose. But in a good way.
Since the crowd for 30 Seconds to Mars dispersed, we (my group and I) were able to get way closer to the front than we were, and able to be dragged into the concert experience even more.
People fell us. Beer spilled on us. Ashes from cigarettes burned our skin. Bodies crowded in upon us. Mosh pits started. People fell on us. The scent of illegal substances clung to our hair and skin. We had to pass people over head. And got to enjoy some REALLY good music. This experience, though trying at times, is something that I would not trade in for anything.
We left after 3 Days Grace so that we could get a jump on traffic. I followed Andrew home, which was a lot easier than on the way there, despite my throbbing headache.
Rachel and I arrived home at 10, and plopped into chairs on the opposite side of the living room.
I showered at 10:30, and started reading "The Note" shortly after.
Owen and Ethan were here, and they left around 11 or midnight, after watching "Dragonball."
I went to sleep around 3:30 a.m., despite being too tired to function by that point.

I woke up at 10 a.m. to my cousin calling me. "Hey. Are we coming over today?" "MMpph No!" "I thought we were?" "Call back in two hours and I'll be nicer to you." "Haha. Okay." *click*
I slept until noon, when my other cousin called. "Hey Kimmy." "Hey bud." "Dad and Ethan are working on the car, and we can't come over yet." "MmmmmmOkay. Call when you're on your way."
I crawled out of bed shortly after that, peed, and asserted the damage from last night as I talked to Rachel and Ben. My neck hurts and my shins hurt, but I'm actually pretty okay.
I spent today reading "The Note," tanning outside for about an hour (and acquiring a larger sunburn than I recieved from being out in the sun ALL DAY at Edgefest), and sitting in the tub afterward.
I finished my book in a chair in our living room around 6 p.m., and met with my group at 7:30, after swinging by Wal Mart for a trifold poster board.
I saw a family that I've known for awhile at our meeting place, so I said hello and chatted for a minute.
I joined my group afterward, we chatted for about an hour, and made plans to meet for tomorrow, all after I devoured my ice cream sundae.
When I got home, I came back to mom's room and worked on my history quiz, finally finishing it around midnight. I've wasted three hours of time since then, but I really don't care; when you spend the majority of the day working on school work, even though it's leisurely, you would waste a little bit of time at the end of the day too.

Now that I've sufficiently filled you in, I'm going to go to sleep; I have a class at 8 a.m. that I will, hopefully, be waking up for.