Detailed Update/ALMOST DONE!

My life has actually become pretty boring.
I don't film Youtube videos lately, and I don't make time to blog as much as I want to.
I don't have much time for a social life, so I don't make time. I say no when I get invited because I have school work to do.
I've basically closed myself in the past few weeks, and that's breaking me down mentally.
I actually cried, a lot, Friday night. I cried for two hours, eventually crying myself to sleep. I cried when mom came in to check on me, and cried when Rachel came in to check on me.
Everything closed in on me, and something that shouldn't have been a huge deal broke me in half and made my heart hurt.
I'm fine right now. I was fine Saturday, though extremely drained.

Another bummer about Friday was that I had to redo ALL FIFTEEN of my movie quizzes for Film Appreciation because she gave me a 0 for them, even though I did them three weeks ago. It only took me an hour because I cheated, but I didn't feel bad about since I did it honestly the first time.

I went to my last film class on Saturday with puffy eyes and heavy eyelids.
I ended up chatting with Chris and Eric1 beforehand about "Pulp Fiction," which I had the pleasure of viewing Friday night. Honestly, that movie is too weird to even put into words, but I think I enjoyed it.
We presented our films during class, and my group went second. I'm pretty sure everyone liked our film, and a few groups felt intimidated; it really is brilliant. Keep an eye on my youtube channel.
I enjoyed seeing everyone else's movies, and loved talking with the guys; I know I will miss Chris1, Kris2, Eric1 and Eric2 a lot. They're all fun, awesome guys, and it was a pleasure to be in class with them.
I napped for a long time on Saturday, and went to work that night.
Work was fine; nothing special, like it was all week long (I worked Tuesday through Saturday).
When I got home I set to work on my History review, and stayed awake until around 4.

Sunday I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon and woke Rachel up afterward.
We ran to WalMart in order to pick up mom's Mother's Day gift(s).
I ended up buying makeup, belly button rings for my pain-in-the-ass piercing, "Avatar," live plants that mom can plant outside, a card, and a turtle pie that ended up being delicious.
When we got home, Rachel and I set to work cleaning the house. We got the dining room table cleared off, placed her gifts on it, did the dishes, cleaned the cat boxes, and vacuumed the dining room and living room.
When mom got home from Waco, she was very surprised by everything we did.
Dad cooked speghetti, and hung out with us until he left for wprk.
Mom, Rachel and I put "Avatar" in and watched it, and were blown away by its magic.
I studied for History until 4:30 in the morning, and slept until 5:30.

After waking up to a phone call from Sammi, I hopped in the shower to wake up and feel refreshed.
I read through all of the notes from this semester, trying to retain some information that I knew I would need for the final.
After arriving on campus by 7:20, I walked to Brandon's car and we studied and talked about History until 7:50, at which time we headed inside.
I pushed through the final; I knew all about the Cold War, and had retained some sort of information about everything. I also did the five point extra credit essay, and got two extra credit questions for being there on Friday. I also turned in our Graphic Organizer, which helped my average out. I ended that class with a 71% on my final, and a 70% as my average, meaning that I GOT A FREAKIN' C IN THE CLASS!! To put into perspective how awesome this is, here are my previous test grades: 64, 55, 65. That 71 kept me afloat. I retained a 65% through most of this semester, and pulled my grade up to the 71% at the last minute. Beast mode!
After History, I came home and slept until 3 or 4.
When I woke up, I started my last paper, and worked on it off and on for the rest of the night.
I watched "Avatar" again with my family, and finished my paper around 4:30.
My paper was really hard for me to write; I had to take an aspect of our novel and apply it to my daily life. I wrote about the main character's relationship with her father, which was terrible, and compared mine to hers. I wrote about my interpretation about my dad and I's relationship, starting at childhood and moving to how I feel about it now, including semi-harsh quotes from the novel to describe it. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it, and how to word it, so it took me awhile. It's not something that I like talking about very much, but something that comes up at least five times a month.
I fell asleep around 5, after reading a Cosmo magazine.

I woke up around 1 to Rachel telling me that my alarm was going off, and ended up facebooking, youtubeing, and reviewing for my power point test tomorrow.
I clocked in at work at 5:30, and worked until 10:30.
After getting home, I reviewed for BCIS a little more, and watched "Twilight" with my family since Ben had never seen it.
Now we're talking about High School Musical, Hannah Montanna, Twilight, and Oprah, because Ben doesn't know anything about any of it.
I need to stop typing up this blog post so that I can review for World Lit...
I couldn't hold off any longer; I missed documenting things, and putting events out in the open; there was too much for my brain to hold.
I'm so ready to be done. Good thing I only have TWO FINALS LEFT until it's SUMMER!

Expect a video on my channel (www.youtube.com/thenameiskimbra) tomorrow.
I also put a new 'about me' on Myspace.

Have a great week!


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