Edgefest 20, and then some.

So yesterday (Saturday, though it was technically Sunday... just roll with it), I accidentally slept through the last test of the semester in Film Appreciation.
I did, however, wake up at 11 a.m., which left me enough time to rush around and get ready for Edgefest.
After calling Kyle and reassuring him that I was coming, even though I would be late, I got myself ready, got Rachel ready, went by the bank, put gas in my car, bought snacks since we hadn't had time for breakfast, and finally made it to Kyle's house.
I chatted with his mom, his girlfriend (Hayley), and Andrew for a minute before we left.
I followed Andrew from here to breakfast, then to the location of the concert.
We forgot to add in traffic to the travel time, and it took almost two hours to get there.
When we arrived, we had the pleasure of wandering around, and trying to figure out where to go.
In a nutshell, we paused to use the restroom, and Rachel and I got waters.
We heard a band from Australia play (I don't remember their names, 1) because it's odd and 2) because they said "Eff that, we don't even have a name... We're just From Australia!" after they got a lovely response from "We're _____, and we're from Australia." haha).
After hearing them play, we walked to the other side of the stadium to be in the pit for Switchfoot, which was absolutely amazing; they had an awesome performance, and I was reminded of why I have a fondness for them.
After Switchfoot, Rachel and I parted from Kyle, Andrew and Hayley, and went in search of "the rainbow drink," which I later discovered was a rather expensive frozen margarita. Nom nom nom.
After that drink, we went back down the the pit to hear Flyleaf play (who I was surprised could actually scream - I had no idea), and then got a water because I was getting dehydrated and weak.
Rachel and I also took a look at the jewelery stands, and I bought us a couple of necklaces.
I relocated the trio, and Rachel and I sat with them through the performances of Metric, Deftones (who was FREAKIN' TERRIBLE live, like no lie; he was actually pretty tone deaf, it seemed - he even managed to suck up the song that made him famous), and Pheonix.
All five of us rejoined the pit for 30 Seconds to Mars, who was phenominal; he made an effort to engage his fans, wandered around the outskirts of the pit, and went up into the stands! and his songs are always good. Always. I was sad that he didn't sing their third famous single, and that he jacked with my favorite song of theirs, but the performance was awesome anyway.
Then 3 Days Grace went up on stage, and all Hell broke loose. But in a good way.
Since the crowd for 30 Seconds to Mars dispersed, we (my group and I) were able to get way closer to the front than we were, and able to be dragged into the concert experience even more.
People fell us. Beer spilled on us. Ashes from cigarettes burned our skin. Bodies crowded in upon us. Mosh pits started. People fell on us. The scent of illegal substances clung to our hair and skin. We had to pass people over head. And got to enjoy some REALLY good music. This experience, though trying at times, is something that I would not trade in for anything.
We left after 3 Days Grace so that we could get a jump on traffic. I followed Andrew home, which was a lot easier than on the way there, despite my throbbing headache.
Rachel and I arrived home at 10, and plopped into chairs on the opposite side of the living room.
I showered at 10:30, and started reading "The Note" shortly after.
Owen and Ethan were here, and they left around 11 or midnight, after watching "Dragonball."
I went to sleep around 3:30 a.m., despite being too tired to function by that point.

I woke up at 10 a.m. to my cousin calling me. "Hey. Are we coming over today?" "MMpph No!" "I thought we were?" "Call back in two hours and I'll be nicer to you." "Haha. Okay." *click*
I slept until noon, when my other cousin called. "Hey Kimmy." "Hey bud." "Dad and Ethan are working on the car, and we can't come over yet." "MmmmmmOkay. Call when you're on your way."
I crawled out of bed shortly after that, peed, and asserted the damage from last night as I talked to Rachel and Ben. My neck hurts and my shins hurt, but I'm actually pretty okay.
I spent today reading "The Note," tanning outside for about an hour (and acquiring a larger sunburn than I recieved from being out in the sun ALL DAY at Edgefest), and sitting in the tub afterward.
I finished my book in a chair in our living room around 6 p.m., and met with my group at 7:30, after swinging by Wal Mart for a trifold poster board.
I saw a family that I've known for awhile at our meeting place, so I said hello and chatted for a minute.
I joined my group afterward, we chatted for about an hour, and made plans to meet for tomorrow, all after I devoured my ice cream sundae.
When I got home, I came back to mom's room and worked on my history quiz, finally finishing it around midnight. I've wasted three hours of time since then, but I really don't care; when you spend the majority of the day working on school work, even though it's leisurely, you would waste a little bit of time at the end of the day too.

Now that I've sufficiently filled you in, I'm going to go to sleep; I have a class at 8 a.m. that I will, hopefully, be waking up for.


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