Feeling better.

Last night, I spent two hours crying my eyes out.
Not literally, obviously, or else I couldn't type up this blog post.
When I fell asleep finally, mom woke me up thirty minutes later and I started crying again.
I fell asleep again, and my sister came in to tell me that she was home, and I started bawling again.
I don't know exactly what happened inside of me to prompt all of the tears and sobs... I mean, right then it was like my world was ending. Now I'm left thinking "What the hell? Why did I react that way?"
I got an hour more of sleep after Rachel left my room, and woke up at 6:30 a.m. for class.
I drank two diet cokes beforehand, so I had to pee quite a few times this morning in order to get through the class... stupid bladder and caffiene.
We started off the morning by talking about grades, recieved doughnuts, and presented our films for our final. Honestly, I think ours was the best, though every film was good in it's own way. I really liked everyone else's, but ours is amazing, no lie.
When I got home around 10:30, I slept from then until four, got ready for work, and clocked in at five.
There wasn't anything exceptional about tonight, though I did work with Cliff and that aspect was fun.
We got out around 10:30.
From eleven on I worked on my History review, and I only got about halfway through.
I'm calling it a night soon, because I can only force myself to study for so long.
The final is on Monday, so I have all day tomorrow to study.
Or, today, I guess.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm fine; my mood has vastly improved, and my family situation seems a little bit better.

Goodnight : )


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