Forget Relaxation... I'll work a lot instead.

I worked four days in a row this week.
Tuesday through Friday.
I closed every shift, and it has pretty much become a blur.
There wasn't much difference from one day to the next, which is fine; I like it when nothing goes wrong.
Don't get me wrong, some days were crazy, and some days were weird, and some days were down right good. But they all were essentially the same, so there isn't much point in going into detail.
I will say that a couple of nights I worked with a girl that I happen to get along really well with, and I was laughing most of those nights.
And there were a few nights where I was on the register as well as on the floor.
And I can't answer the phone correctly to save my life. Usually I say "Thank you for holding, this is Kimbra, how can I help you?" because someone else already answered and put that person on hold. When I answer the phone first, I start saying that and quickly have to correct myself. Bummer.
I closed with the head hancho one night, and with the assistant head hancho the other night.
We're in the process of doing inventory right now; thank goodness I didn't work last night, and I don't work tomorrow. Tonight wasn't too hard.
... The end. That's the work update. Booooring.

I did film two videos earlier this week, which is more than I film most weeks.
One was a forty things about me, which I wanted to use things that no one knew about me, but I didn't... there are some things people just don't need to know. That was my 100th video.
I turned the second video into my youtube story, and that was my 101st.
I honestly didn't realize that I broke 100; I just film and upload... I don't care how many videos I post.

I've been playing a ton of Sims 3; I have one family that has five kids, and another with six. It's really really hard whenever they have so many kids, but what can ya do? Except for... not give them more kids...

I went to Michelle's 21st birthday party (at a clubhouse) yesterday, after I ran around with Andy to get ... stuff... and Michelle's presents.
At first we were the only two there; no one else could make it by six thirty.
It was supposed to be a surprise party that started at six, but we were running late.
It was alright, though; by seven quite a few more people arrived, so it went alright.
We played "Fuck Master," and I got a bit tipsy from that. After three hours, countless dixie cups full of trash can punch, multiple trips to the restroom, a few hits of hookah, and three vodka shots, I was drunk enough to almost fall out of a chair. It honestly wasn't too bad, though; I was actually able to go to the bathroom by myself throughout the night.
For those of you who don't know, I'm usually drunk by the first hour, fall a lot, and do things that make "sober me" go "There is absolutely NO way I did that. I didn't do that! *an hour later* CRAP! I DID do that!" Thankfully, I wasn't NEARLY drunk enough for all of that, and won't be hearing any bad stories within the next few days. Improvement? I think so.
I had a ton of fun last night, even though I was very apprehensive about this party. It was a good one, though.
Mom drove me home, and we arrived at 3 to Ben and Rachel playing "Just Cause." I sat up for another thirty minutes, then dragged myself to the bathroom just in case I needed to puke; I wasn't feeling well and I had a splitting headache. I ended up putting my laptop in the floor, putting my cell phone in the charger, laying down, and falling asleep for an hour. I didn't realize that I fell asleep until mom came to check on me, and when I got up I realized I was freezing; tile flooring doesn't feel good to the skin.
After mom helped me to bed, I passed out and didn't wake up until 1 this afternoon.

After waking up, I ate and hastily got ready for work (after facebooking of course).
I worked from 2 to 8 tonight, and came home.
I ate dinner and watched part of the Family Guy Star Wars movie thing, then went to the store for a few things, and walked out with the few things plus four movies.
I then went to the video store and rented three movies, and bought one. I'm well prepared for my down day tomorrow.
When I got home, we popped in "Post Grad," which is a super cute and super cheesy romantic comedy. Then we put in "UP!," which was also really super cute. And yes, I did almost cry a few times. We tried watching "Daybreakers," but mom and I couldn't watch it, so mom's friend and Rachel left to watch it. Mom and I put "Dan in Real Life" in afterward, and I honestly really really like this movie. It's such a feel good movie.
And that brings you up to date, really.

I have tomorrow off and plan on sitting in my pajamas for the entire day. I already showered, so I feel that this is completely acceptable. I need a day in which all I do is sit, and only get up to walk to the kitchen/pee, though certainly not at the same time. I may actually work out for the first time in months... I think it's time for that to start again.
I work Tuesday through Thursday, which should go just fine.
I'm off on Friday and I have tentative plans with John to hang out. I'm honestly in the mood for an adventure... I asked him if we could go to the zoo or to the gardens or something, so we'll see.
Saturday I work again, and after that I have no idea.

Having no idea is a tad scary sometimes. Like, right now, I'm sitting here thinking about how next week will go, and I can't. It's weird, isn't it? Not knowing... I guess I forget that that is the way life is. I get so wrapped up in planning, sleeping, working, going going going... I forget what it's like to just sit and enjoy the fact that life is full of possibilities. I love this feeling... this... Open feeling.

Well, now that I've had a moment, I'm going to go.
I hope you are enjoying whatever part of life you're experiencing at the moment, and I'll write soon.


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