A really super awesome lazy day.

Today was spectacular.
I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon and crawled out of bed.
After watching a small bit of TV and catching up on the various social networking sites that I've acquired, I made a youtube video and posted it.
After that, I changed into my tanning garments (bikini top and pajama shorts)and tanned for twenty minutes, basking in the beautiful weather. I would have felt terrible if I didn't get out for a bit today... no one should waste weather like that.
When I got inside I proceeded to work out for fifty minutes. I broke out the Wii Fit and did some Yoga (17 minutes), strength (in which I threw in 20 jack knives... ouch), random Wii Fit Plus routines (rhythem karate something or other, big top juggling, rhythem parade), and some aerobics.
I ended up on the couch playing Sims 3, watching "Criminal Minds," trying to mediate my family, and deal with my overly emotional sister.
It is honestly mentally and emotionally exhausting living in a house with two women, one of which has depression and isn't on her meds, and one of which is pmsing seemingly all of the time. I can't really talk though, since I have my own issues, but at least I try not to pawn them off on my family.
... Anyway...
After playing Sims 3 for awhile, I watched "Breakfast and Tiffanys" with mi familia, then settled in to watch a cheesy Christmas movie that I'm not in the mood for. I tried playing more Sims 3, but I'm burned out with it for now; I have too many Sims in all of my families, and don't want that to happen with the other family I have.
I kind of want to play Kingdom Hearts II or something... sitting around gets old after a few hours.
Hah. Listen to me. Complaining about my lazy day. I never thought that would happen.
I take that complaint back. I really liked today. I liked that it was full of things that I wanted to do, my family, an amazing dinner, and a couple of decent movies.
I get to work tomorrow. I may go up to campus in order to declare a major/get a degree plan under way. I want to gradute already, and I know I have a couple more semesters left before I can even think about it. Blah.
Anyyywho. I'm done. I'll write soon.


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