Relaxation? Wow. I forgot what this was.

This past almost-a-week has been really awesome.
Before I delve into that, allow me to enlighten you about how the end of my semester went.

I recieved grades for those quizzes that I redid (100%), and recieved 100% on my extra credit paper in Film Appreciation. I also recieved 100% on my presentation/final paper, so that's awesome. I finished with an A in the class.
I've already covered History; I did a ton of extra credit and finished that class with a 70%; I made a C in that class, which means that I don't have to retake it.
In BCIS, I was freakin' stunned by our last test; apparently it was comprehensive? Not what I expected. So after suffering through that four part test (2 Bs and 2 Cs), I ended that class with a high B.
In World Lit, the test seemed harder than I thought, but I did well. I got a 92% as my end result; I suspect that she really did count the names that we remembered at the end of the semester as extra credit. I also got a 92% on my final paper, which means I finished the class with an A.
So there you have it. 2 As, a B and a C, with a 3.2something as my GPA. NOW we're talking, college!!!

As for the summer so far, I really haven't done too much.

I hung out with John the other night; he came over and we watched "Pulp Fiction" again. I realized that I didn't watch the movie all the way through the first time, and THAT'S why I was so confused; I only caught the last half. After the movie, he and I went outside and talked for a little bit, which is honestly usually the part that I look forward to the most. I love talking to him and catching up with him.

I've been eating a ton of food. Seriously, I'm like a bottomless pit lately. Except that right now I am very much way too full.

I've almost beaten Kingdom Hearts II; only technically 4 battles (though I will most likely turn them into 30 or so) and the end credits left.

I went to my grandma's this weekend, and that was fun, though we didn't do much of anything. We watched TV and snacked. Rachel watched "The Wizard of Oz" one night while I fell asleep. We watched a TON of TV; I learned what Puppy Mills are, which is a very sad thing to finally learn. I played Spider Solitair on my laptop, discovered mine sweeper, and found out that Mahjongg is on here! MAHJONGG! I'll be playing that more often. Also, I rediscovered the Sims 3, so that's super neat. Uncle Eldon checked out my car and made sure that the fluids were fine, and that there was enough air in the tires; he was even nice enough to fix my left hand blinker that burned out two weeks ago. It was a great time seeing my grandma and uncle. We came home late last night to dad being drunk in our house since mom gave him the key, but he left soon after that.

I applied to become a member of the Harry Potter Alliance's staff, and recieved an e-mail back. After sending another e-mail, I'm awaiting a reply; they didn't let me know whether or not I am part of their staff yet. I really hope I get it. It's strictly voluntary, but they do a ton of extraordinary things, and I want to help coordinate that and advertise for them. I applied to be the social networking expert, so we'll see how that goes.

As for future plans, there aren't very many. I'm just doing that it feels like I want to do. I do have something planned for Saturday; we'll see how that goes.

Currently I am itching to play the Sims 3 and watch "Oliver and Company." I may get on that, because I want to play before it gets too late. I work at 3 and can't afford to sleep in until then again.

Okay, well. I suppose that's all. See what I mean about a relaxing summer? Even though I work the next four days, I know it'll be a blast : )


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