So many things.

So many things happened this past week.
Where do I begin?

Tuesday through Thursday I worked.
Inventory was finally over, so Tuesday's recovery went roughly; the inventory people were nice enough to count the merchandise and leave things randomly strewn everywhere. How generous. I'm glad that they found it within themselves to help me stay employed.
Wednesday's shift went well, and Thursday wasn't bad either. They both just seemed really long, which happens sometimes; it's no one's fault.

Thursday (I guess technically Friday, but whatever - the day doesn't change until I sleep)at 2 a.m., I got a text from Alex asking if I wanted to go to Dennys.
I thought about it for a minute, consulted with my family, and texted with a "Yeah, get your butt over here and pick me up."
I then texted Andy to basically force him into going, because Alex said that he "maybe" coming. I get a text back saying to come outside.
I threw on some jeans and equiped the socially-acceptable breast contraption known as a bra previously, so I grabbed my purse, double checked my make up, kissed my fellow ladies on the cheek, and dashed through the door.
The ride there was full of laughter and joy, and the Dennys experience was fun. Our waitress was awesome, and watching Alex and Andy try to see who could eat the most pancakes and end up tieing (after eating only two pancakes) was exciting. Brandon and I watched this endeavor with smiles on our faces and laughter escaping our lips. After exiting the restauraunt, we stood outside for awhile and watched Andy scare birds out of the trees, and both Alex and Andy greet strangers and bid them a good night (and a bless-ed night. Haha). They drove me home, where I hugged them goodbye and walked through my door at 4 a.m.
It was a lot of fun hanging out with them. I don't ever realize how much I truly do miss those spontaneous hangouts until they're happening. I'm definitely looking forward to more : )

Today I woke up at 8:30 a.m. to mom walking into my room and talking loudly: "KIMBRA IT'S EIGHT THIRTY, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP."
Needless to say I sat up rather quickly and dragged myself out of bed to get ready quickly.
At 9 a.m. I was sitting in my hair lady's office space in a leather chair with a magazine full of different hair styles in my lap.
Upon her arrival, I got confused and sat down in the real hair cutting chair instead of the wash-your-hair chair. After relocating, she washed my hair with her amazing shampoos and potions. When she was finished, I moved to the first chair I sat in and she began cutting my hair. My bangs are a ton shorter, and the rest of it is almost the same; I just got a trim this time, which still feels really nice.
After arriving home, I napped from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., recieving text messages throughout from whomever felt it necessary to text before noon (one was work, one was Brandon, and John texted at noon).
I woke up, got ready, ate something, wrote down directions, and headed out my door to endure the traffic before me.
After awhile of driving, I arrived at the zoo, and said hello to John.
We wandered around the zoo from 3 to 5, seeing every animal imagineable.
The white bengal tiger ran up to the glass to greet us, the kangaroo rolled over onto his back and stretched in the cutest way, huge fish greeted us within the newest exhibit, a mumbling bird talked to us for a few minutes, a bear cooled off in the water in his habitat, cougars paced, a ram posed for us, a rattle snake noise in a dark bat cave freaked us out, and all the while I was with my best friend. It was an amazing day. : )

After leaving the zoo, I battled traffic in a car without air conditioning for an hour and a half. Sweat was dripping off of me, and some got in my eye. I was on the phone with mom for awhile trying to find another route, and made it home in one piece awhile later.
I've been sitting around with my family since arriving home. I ate dinner, showered, watched TV, and watched "Love Actually" for the very first time.
It was all in all a great day, and I couldn't picture it going any differently (well, minus the traffic and few drama issues, which I will address below).

Also, I've noticed that people don't seem to take "No." for an answer. Whether it be to "want to have sex?" or "let's drink" or "let's go out - but I'm tired, no - let's go out anyway." I'm honestly really sick of it. When I say "No." to these things, I mean no. No means no. It doesn't mean "Hey, please guilt trip me because I said no to your sex/alcohol/outing. I would really enjoy that." It means "Hey, I would rather not do this for whatever reason stated, so I would rather you not push me." So back the Hell up, because I am more than done dealing with that crap.

On that wonderfully beautiful note, I am going to take my leave.
I may write, or help Rachel purge our Sims 2 game; both need to be done, really.
(It's summer. Give me a break. I can be boring if I want to : D.)

Have a lovely few days, and I'll talk to you soon.


I forgot to mention.
I've got a blog dedicated to my game play, and will be posting a recap blog soon.

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